Crime Rise Linked to Anti-Policing Measures

Multiple cities across the United States have taken measures that go hand-in-hand with new upticks in criminal activity.

Defunding law enforcement, slashing bail, and allowing prisoners back into society before the completion of their sentences sends a very dangerous message. Ultimately, this lets criminals know that it is open season to do whatever they please with near impunity.

Now, public safety is paying the price for this.

Even as some Democrats try to distance the party from “defund the police” activism, there are still lingering anti-police policies that have caused new increases in crime.

Some of these policies just so happen to deal with how police are able to handle traffic-related issues.

The Hidden Underbelly of Crime in America
In multiple cities across the United States, laws have been passed that stop police officers from being able to pull individuals over for non-severe driving or traffic infractions. The officials behind this legislation claim it’s key to avoiding “police brutality.”

However, what these new traffic laws are really doing is emboldening criminals. According to Zach Smith of the Heritage Foundation, tying police hands in this manner just leads to more problems later down the line.

Smith explained that minor infractions on the surface can sometimes lead to worse and more insidious crimes being exposed. The Heritage Foundation fellow also pointed out how these traffic reforms are preventing law enforcement from having healthy engagements with civilians.

Some of the minor infractions that many officers across the United States can no longer pull people over for include the following: broken/missing headlights and/or brakes, moderate deterioration to bumpers, and driving with a vehicle that has expired registration of under 60 days.

The Moral of the Story
Defund the police advocates often claim that fewer police will lead to less conflict and more saved lives. Yet, time and time again, measures that crack down on police produce the exact opposite results.

Unfortunately, officials within the Democrat Party have still not completely abandoned the ideology of attacking and dismantling law enforcement.

In left-wing Los Angeles, for instance, mayoral candidate Gina Viola wants to completely do away with police. She’s referred to police officers as the “watchdogs” of white supremacy and would love to see them replaced with new programs.

Similar Democrats, such as Rep. Cori Bush (D-MA), emote comparable anti-police talking points on a regular basis. As long as the attacks on law enforcement continue, Americans will keep seeing more crime in their communities.