Crayola is Under Fire For Pushing Transgenderism

Over the past several years, a pattern of apolitical businesses getting involved in culture wars or politically/socially charged debates has emerged.

Many Americans believe businesses that are not political in nature should focus on what they do best, rather than trying to advance wokeness or win brownie points from the left.

When companies don’t take this advice, it usually results in them alienating significant portions of their customer base. Also, even when certain businesses try to get approval from the left, they’re often accused of not being far enough to the left.

The latest company to suffer the fallout of getting involved in culture wars is Crayola.

The Collapse of Crayola
There was a time when Crayola simply focused on selling the crayons that kids love to color with. However, those days are long gone.

On its Instagram and Facebook accounts, Crayola chose to post images of a biological male who identifies as female. Captioning this image was a message from the crayon company stating that the biological male is passionate about advocacy in the fashion world and gender ideology.

The images of the individual in question showed him wearing a jumpsuit, heels, and other attire that’s generally viewed as women’s apparel.

Interestingly enough, Crayola chose to prevent Instagram users from commenting on the photos, while capping comments from Facebook users as well.

Not a Good Business Strategy
After posting these images, Crayola was lambasted by much of the public. Concerned parents noted that promoting transgenderism wasn’t appropriate for their children.

The exposure that children have is a sensitive subject, amid drag queens and gender ideology making its way into elementary and middle school classrooms.

Other Americans questioned what Crayola’s post had to do with selling or promoting crayons for young children.

The prevailing view here is that Crayola should have left well enough alone and stayed away from hot-button social issues like transgenderism. Countless people across multiple social media sites subsequently stated they would no longer purchase any products from Crayola.

Amid the heavy backlash, the crayon company eventually took down the controversial posts. Yet, this did not stop #BoycottCrayola from trending on social media.