CNN’s White House Correspondent Hammered Over New Op-ed

If there’s one thing the United States could use right now, it’s a president who is effective and capable in their leadership skills. Unfortunately, this is the polar opposite of the person who currently holds the US presidency.

Earlier this week, Biden was widely mocked for letting the Easter bunny boss him around during a White House event. At the same time, the president’s gaffes about geopolitical events are getting more dangerous.

That’s not to mention all the harm that Biden’s reforms have caused to immigration, public safety, the economy, and more.

Yet, in spite of all this damage, CNN White House correspondent John Harwood decided to pen an op-ed, coming to the president’s defense.

Harwood argued that none of what’s happening is Biden’s fault or within his control. This argument is not being raked across the coals, as documented by The Blaze.

An Epic Miscalculation

In a nutshell, CNN’s White House correspondent addressed most of the major issues under Biden’s presidency and then came up with a reason why Biden isn’t to be blamed.

However, as Harwood is now learning, people don’t like hearing that a sitting US president is incapable of dealing with the nation’s problems.

On social media, people responded to Harwood’s opinion piece in a variety of ways.

Some folks pointed out that Biden ran on a platform of solving problems in America and “building back better.” For the president to now be incapable of this doesn’t square well with his campaign promises.

Then, other social media users noted the White House does, in fact, carry a decent amount of power to handle issues involving inflation, immigration, and public safety.

For Harwood to claim otherwise is simply not accurate; yet, it is an example of why trust in the mainstream media has fallen so much.

The Bottom Line

If Biden is truly as incapable as CNN’s White House correspondent has made him out to be, then some Americans could argue he should resign from office.

Multiple polls have shown that folks across the country are highly unhappy with how this president has responded to crime, immigration, foreign policy, inflation, and more.

As president of the United States, Biden has a duty to uphold his oath of office and deliver for the American public. Harwood’s claim that the president cannot do this is likely not the best defense Democrats should be going for.

To this day, John Harwood still doesn’t appear to fully understand the implications of his new op-ed.