CNN Gains Yet Another Level Of Self-Awareness

Marjorie Taylor Greene is no stranger to the backlash, but this time there is no debate that she’s headed in the right direction. Through a Tweet, Greene said that the Feds going door-to-door is like the Nazi “brown shirts” that carried out Hitler’s orders.

Greene’s statement was correct in every way. When a Dutch citizen set fire to the German Parliament building, Adolf Hitler’s Nazi party declared Germany to be in a “State of Emergency,” effectively suspending fundamental German rights such as freedom of speech, assembly, and expression. As a result, Hitler was able to send his “brown coats” to carry out his crimes.

While it is unlikely the Feds will use such tactics, the actions must be examined regardless of how small they may seem. One step enables the next and so on. Everyone knows how invasive it can feel when door-to-door salespeople come to the neighborhood, but the Feds? That’s a different story.

When the federal government enacted HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) laws to protect citizens’ medical information privacy, it was expected that those laws would be enforced. Violating HIPAA laws is a misdemeanor, and the Department of Health and Human Services oversees the prosecution of such a crime. Is it possible that the Federal Government, which is supposed to protect HIPAA laws, is also breaking them?

Is there a criminal or civil penalty for divulging medical knowledge if you are not home when the Feds arrive and the information is revealed? If not, why not? Greene, like many others, is concerned about the Federal Government’s proposed legislation. Americans value their privacy, and if it is infringed, they should seek redress.

It goes hand in hand with the “vaccine tracking apps” and enacting policies such as refusing to sell tickets to unvaccinated citizens. Simply attending an event meant for vaccinated-only attendees would disclose medical information that many hold near and dear to them. Not to mention “Vaccine only” seating sections at events. Where do we as Americans draw the line? When does the Federal Government draw the line?

Small government is not only a catchphrase, and it’s a call to reduce the size of the government and the power our Politicians have. We’ve seen how social media platforms have the ability to censor posts. It would be fair to feel like social media platforms are beginning to lead by example. The slow process of intervention into the lives of everyday citizens is starting to show, and not in a positive way.

CNN’s response to Greene’s Tweet is a perfect example of the hypocrisy we are growing familiar with on the left. For the past several years, CNN and many other news outlets have compared Donald Trump to Hitler, and now they’re offended? Well, that’s no surprise. It appears to be a defining characteristic of the Democratic Party. What’s been fascinating to watch is CNN’s consistent backlash on Twitter.

Nancy Pelosi’s Tweet had seemingly entered the center stage when she referred to Federal Agents as “Stormtroopers.” Is it suddenly acceptable for “Stormtroopers” to go door-to-door trying to persuade people to Get Vaccinated? It would seem not only unlawful but unwelcome.