Chris Christie Making Sad Displays ‘Pandering’ To The Left And The Media Establishment For Attention

Former Republican New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has been making the rounds on corporate media lately, apparently signaling his desire to become the “acceptable” GOP candidate for president in 2024.

He appeared on a panel on ABC’s Sunday’s broadcast of “The Week,” where he happily reiterated his statements from last week calculated to earn media praise. Christie said Republicans should “turn the page” to free the party from the “quicksand of endless grievances.” Whatever that is supposed to mean, he was more direct when he said that his party must stop “wallowing” in the past and should distance itself from and discredit the “extremists in our midst.”

Christie told the panel that Republicans need to “renounce” conspiracy theorists and “truth deniers.” He said that some party members “know better” and others are “just plain nuts.” He urged his party to help supporters put “fantasies to rest” so that they can focus with “clear minds” on what the establishment of the party wants them to concentrate on.

We can all at least give Christie credit for knowing that he is not part of President Trump’s plan for endorsing viable candidates in next year’s midterm elections and beyond. The former governor’s sadly decrepit political career now consists of his search for journalists and establishment types to fawn over in the hope of receiving some attention and head-patting. He might even find a green room that offers donuts now and then.

Perhaps the most pathetic part of Christie’s groveling is that it is gaining him little more than shame and scorn from the very people he is kissing up to. During his appearance on “The Week,” he was called out by another panel member for campaigning for President Trump, which of course, makes him beneath contempt in their polite company. The extreme anti-Trump “conservative” site The Bulwark published a piece titled “Chris Christie’s Bogus Blunt Talk” because he “enabled” Trump before he joined the cool kids in denouncing him in every way possible.

Even though Christie has no political future, it should be interesting to see what becomes of his treatment at the hands of the corporate media he so desperately postures for as next year’s midterm season comes around.