Chinese Invasion At The Southern Border

America’s illegal migration crisis has grown beyond the traditional sources in South and Latin America to now include a massive surge of Chinese nationals crossing the porous southern border. The trend signifies a dangerous national security threat in addition to the strain placed on America’s resources because of the Biden administration’s open borders policies that ignore federal immigration law.

A Border Patrol source revealed that agents in San Diego encountered 269 Chinese nationals in a single day on Tuesday. Since the start of the fiscal year 2024, over 20,000 Chinese nationals have been recorded illegally crossing into the U.S., a number alarmingly close to the total apprehensions in the previous fiscal year. This surge is no accident but a testament to a broader strategy, likely with the tacit approval of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

The rapid increase from 450 arrests during Joe Biden’s first year in the White House to more than 24,000 in the fiscal year 2023 paints a grim picture of an administration overwhelmed and outmaneuvered. The use of social media platforms, including Chinese-owned TikTok, to facilitate these crossings points to a sophisticated operation exploiting our border vulnerabilities.

This isn’t merely a migration issue. The involvement of Chinese nationals, with potential links to the CCP and even the People’s Liberation Army, raises profound national security concerns. The CCP’s track record of espionage and infiltration into American institutions suggests that the surge at the border could well be part of a larger strategy to undermine U.S. sovereignty and security.

Amid this influx, the Biden administration’s response has been woefully inadequate. Border agents are overwhelmed, vetting processes are slowed to a crawl, and illegal entrants are often released into the U.S. with court dates years away. This approach signals to our adversaries that our borders are open, endangering national security and encouraging the CCP’s aggressive stance.

Furthermore, this border chaos serves as a conduit for the flow of fentanyl, a deadly drug killing hundreds of thousands of Americans. The CCP’s indirect support of this trade, through the provision of precursor chemicals and funding of cartels, represents a direct assault on American lives.

The situation at the border is not a mere crisis; it’s an invasion with far-reaching implications. The influx of Chinese nationals, coupled with the administration’s failure to secure the border, poses a clear and present danger to the United States. It’s a dereliction of duty that leaves American communities vulnerable to espionage, drug trafficking, and the unchecked spread of CCP influence.

As the Biden administration remains paralyzed, the message to our adversaries is clear — America’s southern border is open for exploitation.