Chinese Army May Penetrate America’s Defenses Through Southern Borders

Biden’s open border policies may aid China’s aggressive desire to rule the world along socioeconomic and technological lines. Recent reports suggest that China’s People’s Liberation Army is entering the U.S. through the southern border.

China expert Gordon Chang sounded the alarm during an appearance on Newsmax’s “America Right Now” show. Chang said that an asset had given eyewitness reports on the activities of able-bodied males entering the U.S.

“Michael Yon, the war correspondent who’s been spending his time in the Darién Gap, where these migrants … flow through has been saying he’s been seeing … males of military age who are unaccompanied with families. That, to me, suggests either People’s Liberation Army or Ministry of State Security agents,” Chang said while speaking on America Right Now.

Biden and the Democrats continue to ignore the crisis at the U.S. border despite the apparent evidence, with millions of illegal aliens walking through the borders since Biden took office. Although any form of border insecurity is unacceptable, it becomes even worse when your enemies can confidently access your territory.

China is a dominant force with all sorts of ambitions and the top of their list is to dislodge the U.S. as the world power.