China Warns U.S. Of ‘Wrong, Dangerous’ Position On Taiwan

China foreign ministry officials have accused the U.S. of sending “very wrong, dangerous” signals on Taiwan following a meeting between Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and his Chinese counterpart, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi.

The two met for approximately 90 minutes following the U.N. General Assembly on Friday. After the meeting, Yi was cited by China’s Foreign Ministry as saying, “The Taiwan issue is an internal Chinese matter, and the United States has no right to interfere in what method will be used to resolve it.”

Over the past few months, and especially since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, tensions between the U.S. and China over Taiwan have escalated. Many people feared that Russia’s attempt to take over Ukraine would embolden China to do the same in Taiwan.

Then, in August, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi made a stop in Taiwan during a trip in the region. The California Democrat was the highest ranking U.S. official in more than 25 years to make an official visit to Taiwan.

Immediately following the trip, however, China began hosting aggressive military drills near Taiwan and even simulated an attack on the small country.

Pelosi insisted that her trip was not a political stunt nor was it done to upset the status quo. Chinese officials replied, “Insisting on going to the island, [Pelosi] apparently does not care about harming China-U.S. ties, or putting peace across the Taiwan Strait on the line.”

More recently, in an interview with “60 Minutes,” President Biden made a statement that was both strongly in support of Taiwan and seemingly in opposition to the longstanding U.S. “strategic ambiguity” on the issue.

Biden was asked whether “US forces, US men and women, would defend Taiwan in the event of a Chinese invasion,” a situation that many feel is becoming more and more likely each day.

BIden replied, “Yes” signifying that Biden would in fact send Americans into Taiwan to protect it if the situation came down to it.

With the crisis at the border and the Russian-Ukraine war, the Biden Administration’s foreign policy can ill-afford to take another hit. With tensions continue to brew in China and mistakes continuing being made here in America like the one Biden made on “60 Minutes,” something has to change quickly.