China To U.S. – Move Out Of The Way

Chinese have gradually reduced cooperation with the U.S. and are now sending warning signals to the Biden administration for his botched strategies. In a recent report, it was proven that the Chinese hackers had tried to hack into the American security systems and tried to spy. Though it has not yet been established whether the hackers were working under the government’s orders or not, Biden sure warned the European countries and the U.K. of the attempt. Since then, the US-China relations have been somewhat in a blur, but in a recent visit to China by the American Deputy Secretary of the State, Wendy R.Sherman to China, a senior Chinese Diplomat gave a clear warning addressing Biden that his attempts at double-crossing the American state won’t workout with his collaborative and confrontation attitude. This statement was made in light of the attempted security breach by the Chinese hackers.

China’s Vice-Foreign Minister, Xie Feng, also gave Sherman the same warning, indicating that Biden’s conflicting rhetoric will not be sufficient to compress China. They should not expect any cooperation in the future regarding climate change and public health if Biden continues to pressure the Chinese government on the human rights and internet hacking fronts.

With such bold statements being made by the Chinese government’s top representatives, it seems that they no longer feel the need to sugar coat their words and think that they can get away with anything. These statements suggest that they have perceived a laid-back image of the U.S. in light of the recent events and want the U.S. to be indulged in solving the environmental issues only. At the same time, China deludes they can get away with their blunt statements to the American representatives that carry warnings showing China’s disinterest in maintaining peaceful relations.