China Has Completely Fallen Into the Clutches of Tyranny

When it comes to COVID lockdowns and restrictions, much of the world has moved past them. Many governments have rolled back mandates, especially in light of available COVID vaccines, booster shots, and individuals’ abilities to mask if they so choose.

The world’s also seen quite a bit of protest against heavy-handed mandates. People across multiple countries have had their fill and are eager to return to their lives.

Unfortunately, some nations have no intention of loosening their authoritarian grips over people’s lives. This is something the people of Shanghai, China are dealing with in real-time.

A Horrible Time For the Chinese People
China remains entirely behind the times when it comes to moving forward from locking its citizens down.

In Shanghai, supermarkets are barred from operating until Tuesday at the earliest; there is a genuine possibility the government could extend its lockdown beyond this point.

To make matters even worse, Chinese residents remain prohibited from leaving their homes. The previous “exit permits” that let residents depart their homes are no longer going to be accepted either.

In the days ahead, the people of China will also be subjected to rigorous COVID testing, courtesy of the government. This all comes as part of China’s “zero COVID policy.”

Other daunting aspects of this policy created situations where residents were going without food and medicine.

Another terrible thing about these restrictions in Shanghai is the impact on the worldwide supply chain. Because of the city’s role in aviation and shipping, the lockdowns have contributed to delays in various products.

A Sneak Peek Into What America Could Have Been?
For many Americans, what’s happening in China serves as a cautionary tale.

Many social media users have warned that Shanghai’s lockdowns and restrictions could have mirrored the United States, had people not stood up against COVID edicts.

Like every oppressor throughout history, the argument in favor of these restrictions and lockdowns is that they’re for the “greater good.” Needless to say, many Shanghai residents who have been made prisoners by their own government likely have a different outlook on what’s happening.

Here in the United States, some folks are warning we’re not totally out of the woods when it comes to governments trying to impose heavy-handed mandates on the public.

With the emergence of monkeypox in America and other nations, there are concerns about whether the government will seize the moment to impose new restrictions upon people.

Time will ultimately tell.