Chicago Mayor’s Criticism For Trump Supporters Just Backfired

Within the past two weeks alone, there’s been a fair amount of bashing conservatives, Republicans, and especially Trump supporters.

While Joe Biden and his party hold power in the federal government, somehow, Americans who supported the 45th president are still being portrayed as problematic.

Biden fell into this trap during recent speaking engagements when he started slamming “the MAGA crowd” and other Americans who voted against him. This is ironically coming from the same president who campaigned on bringing people together and healing divisions.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) of Chicago recently took a page from the president’s book and started attacking pro-Trump Americans; though, this didn’t work out too well for her.

The Problem With the Chicago Mayor’s Analysis
On Thursday, Mayor Lightfoot tweeted out, mentioning that the height of American patriotism happens to be folks “fighting for their rights.”

The Chicago mayor then went on to claim she’ll fight for the rights of women, voters, LGBTQ+ folks, and additional freedoms supposedly under threat from the Supreme Court and “the MAGA crowd.”

As Lightfoot put out this message, people in her own city are having their rights and freedoms threatened by violent crime.

Many Twitter users responded to the left-wing mayor, asking when she’d fight for Chicago residents to be able to live in a city that’s free of shootings, destructive riots, and other similar acts of lawlessness.

Other folks on Twitter said that until Lightfoot is able to restore order and safety into her own city, her concerns about “the MAGA crowd” and the Supreme Court should be put aside.

As long as crime in Chicago continues to fester and run amuck, more and more people will tragically lose not only their freedoms, but also their lives.

The Truth About “the MAGA Crowd”
Biden, Lightfoot, and other Democrats continue to show their contempt for Trump supporters. However, when Trump supporters got the president they wanted in office, the nation was better off.

“The MAGA crowd” voted for a president who reduced taxes, brought about energy independence, created jobs, and otherwise made life better for so many Americans across the board.

With Biden and the Democratic Party running the federal government, taxes and living expenses are up. That’s not to mention the severe damage done to America’s energy independence, along with rising concerns about public safety, inflation, and the future ahead.

Nevertheless, none of this will stop Mayor Lightfoot and other Democrats from continuing to hold grudges against their political rivals.