Chicago is Now Receiving Migrants From Texas

Since Joe Biden got into office, the horrors of illegal immigration have continued to pile up. Border states like Texas and Arizona remained overwhelmed by illegal immigrants who are basically having the red carpet rolled out to them from the Biden administration.

For starters, numerous reports claim the White House is giving ID cards and even social security numbers to migrants on the border. Secondly, amid record-high numbers of illegal crossings, the federal government is refusing to implement common sense border policies.

Biden successfully managed to gut Remain in Mexico. His administration has also been clear that Title 42 is on the chopping block.

Texas has repeatedly urged the federal government to secure the border, all to no avail. This is why the border state is now sending some of the migrants to sanctuary cities like Washington DC, New York City, and now Chicago.

What to Know About New Arrivals in Chicago
Like her counterparts in New York City and Washington DC, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) has gone on record declaring her community to be a sanctuary city.

Therefore, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) is giving Lightfoot the opportunity to welcome illegal immigrants once and for all. Earlier this week, the first bus of migrants arrived in Chicago.

Of course, Lightfoot’s talk about being welcoming to all immigrants, regardless of their legal status, has not held up when put to the test. In the wake of new migrants arriving in Chicago, Lightfoot lashed out against the Texas governor, accusing him of being a racist.

The Chicago mayor should get used to seeing new migrants in her city though. Abbott released a statement, confirming that Texas will continue sending migrants to sanctuary cities until the Biden administration secures the southern border.

Ironically, the federal government is rejecting pleas from Democratic mayors seeking extra help with processing illegal immigrants in their communities.

The Reality of Sanctuary Cities
When Texas and Arizona repeatedly announced they didn’t have the resources to handle so many migrants coming across the southern border, Democrats didn’t lift a finger.

On social media, left-wing mayors have been criticized for not living up to their rhetoric about their communities being sanctuary cities.

Many Americans believe if Democrats truly believed what they said about being welcoming to all migrants, the mayors of Chicago, New York City, and Washington DC wouldn’t be complaining about these new arrivals.

Amid criticism from left-wing mayors, the Texas governor explained these communities are receiving only a small percentage of what his state faces every single day.