CDC Forced To Admit Publishing False Florida COVID Numbers

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) published false COVID data regarding new cases in Florida, stating that the state had 28,317 new active cases on August 8.

If that number were accurate, it would represent a record for new cases, and when the report came out, the corporate press reacted predictably. Republican Governor Ron DeSantis was especially savaged over his handling of the pandemic as the new school year approaches.

The Florida Department of Health quickly noticed a problem with the CDC report. It turns out that the CDC combined data from more than one day to come up with the number it published for August 8.

The state health officials showed that the actual number for August 8 was 15,319, about 54 percent of the number CDC reported. The department tweeted the next day that the CDC numbers were incorrect and expected the record to be corrected.

Journalists again immediately jumped at the chance to claim that the Florida Department of Health was the agency telling lies and that the CDC obviously could not be at fault.

Faced with reality, the CDC had to quietly admit on August 11 that the Florida numbers were wrong. The CDC revised the number for August 8 downward, acknowledging that more than one day had been counted. They still had higher numbers than those estimated by Florida, which indicated a decreasing three-day count.

Without giving any reason for the inaccurate count, the CDC said it would work with Florida to correct their reporting.

Whether it was because of incompetence or willful miscalculation, the CDC did nothing to improve its public image in the last week. In any event, Americans deserve better government and accountability for the mistrust and panic caused when agencies like the CDC continue to show why their credibility is in the tank.