Carlson Identifies America’s ‘Most Dangerous Extremist Group’

Militant leftists have long attempted to silence detractors through incendiary rhetoric and threats of violence, but Fox News Channel personality Tucker Carlson believes one subset of that movement has become an especially dangerous threat to the nation.

His on-air remarks came on Good Friday, which also happened to be the day after competitive swimmer Riley Gaines was physically assaulted during a speech in which she criticized the inclusion of biological males in sports that are supposed to include only female competitors.

Gaines was a guest on the show, but Carlson began the segment with remarks tied to the religious significance of the day.

“This is the saddest and, at the same time, by far the most hopeful day on the Christian calendar,” he declared. “There was a time not so long ago when the overwhelming majority of Americans observed Good Friday. They got up, they went to church, they talked about it at the office and at dinner that night — it was part of their culture. That’s no longer true.”

Pushing back against the popular narrative that the United States has become a “secular country,” Carlson asserted that there is no such thing.

“Every country has a religion because every person has a religion, even if it’s atheism,” he said. “Everybody worships something. We’re born that way. We can’t get away from it. So what is America’s religion now?”

He then played a clip from a church service in North Dakota in which a pastor compared the transgender killer who took six innocent lives at a private Christian school earlier this month to Jesus Christ.

“So it’s pretty clear that St. Mark’s Lutheran Church is no longer a Christian church,” Carlson concluded. “So what is it now? Well, it’s a transgenderist church, one of many.”

He went on to declare that “transgenderism” has become the nation’s “fastest growing religion” — and an inherently dangerous one at that.

“Converts to this faith, abandon their old lives and embrace an entirely new self, their former identities no longer exist,” he continued. “They’re dead names.”

In addition to the recent school shooting in Nashville, Tennessee, Carlson cited other mass shootings by transgender individuals, the attack on Gaines, and the fact that the Biden administration “is cheering this cult on” as evidence of his determination that transgenderism has become “the most dangerous extremist group in the United States.”