Car Rams Into GOP House Speaker And Lawmaker

North Carolina’s House speaker Tim Moore (R) and Rep. David Willis (R) were involved in an accident Thursday night. As reported by DailyWire, a pickup truck hit their vehicle from behind multiple times as they were traveling on an interstate.

Explaining the incident, a spokesperson for Moore said that the accident happened while he was returning from a series of events in Wilson with Willis and Deputy Chief of Staff Dan Gurley. They were being transported by General Assembly police officer Jason Perdue when the pickup rammed into their SUV.

Per the spokesperson, no one in the vehicle sustained any injury from the incident. Moore later confirmed to reporters that they were all fine, praising Perdue for swinging into action and managing to control the SUV. Perdue had turned on the emergency lights of the car and went in pursuit of the truck, which reportedly stopped about 6 miles away from the scene.

Expressing gratitude for coming out of the incident unscathed, Moore stated, “Thank God we’re all just alright.”

The North Carolina legislative leader further said he does not think the driver had an ulterior motive and targeted him or the vehicle for political reasons. According to him, their vehicle was unmarked. He, however, hinted that that must have come to mind at the time of the incident.

“Many of us have been rear-ended by a car unfortunately in the past, but when you’re moving at highway speeds and another car approaches you at a higher rate of speed and it hits the car … you can imagine the kinds of things that are going through your mind at that point and its intention.”

The driver of the pickup, identified as James Matthew Brogden, now faces criminal charges, including Driving While Intoxicated, hit and run, speeding to elude arrest, resisting an officer, failure to reduce speed, and property damage. The 38-year-old was reportedly transported to WakeMed hospital for observation before he was taken to the Wake County Detention Center.

Brogden was released on unsecured bail on Friday. His hearing is scheduled for March 17.