Can Oklahoma Fall Victim to Wokeism?

Adults with bad intentions are working overtime in Oklahoma to indoctrinate children to fall for woke ideologies. One of the reddest states in the union is suffering an epidemic.

PJ Media reported that Oklahoma Republicans have added to the oddities of “wokeness” by providing a hospital that chemically castrates children $90 billion. The website stated, “they’re handing over millions without question to doctors who transition so-called “trans kids” with harmful puberty-blocking drugs.”

Oklahoman legislators have put an end to the hospital’s practices by withholding their funds. Months later, a male student in Edmond Memorial High School was allowed to enter the female restrooms, where he assaulted two female students. The school hid the matter from the media and parents for two months.

Despite Oklahoma law, teachers have publicly begun to teach critical race theory and other anti-American ideologies. However, School Superintendent Ryan Welters has publicly announced he will not stand for these violations. “I have instructed my staff to immediately begin the process of holding two teachers accountable who actively violated state law,” he said.

An Oklahoma teacher by the name of Aaron Baker is one of the violators of Oklahoma law. It is reported that he may be targeted by the superintendent. Baker stated, “I openly declare that trans girls are girls. I teach African American History through an antiracist lens. I refuse to teach from a posture of fear.” Although Baker is entitled to his opinion, he is in violation of Oklahoma law.

Mr. Baker’s argument is that students find bathrooms to be a “source of great stress.” His argument was rebutted when some began to say he does not care about the privacy of girls.

He has a blog that clearly shares his love for leftist politics. In his blog, he admits to teaching his students that America is an “inferior” nation and that the United States was not founded on Christian principles.

Tyler Wrynn, an Oklahoma teacher who is also reportedly being targeted by the superintendent’s office, spoke with Project Veritas CEO James O’ Keefe, admitting that he has indoctrinated his students.

If a red state such as Oklahoma is suffering from “wokeism,” imagine what is going on in liberal states.