California Public Officials Considering Having ‘Homeless’ Placed In ‘Private’ Residences

California progressives never fail to amaze with their proposed “solutions” to the Golden State’s ever-worsening homeless problem. Some Bay Area public officials are now proposing the idea of having residents accept homeless people into their homes.

Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom spoke out last year to homeless people from around the country, inviting them to come to California to seek a “new beginning.” Newsom said then that his state has a responsibility to “accommodate” incoming homeless people.

The radical progressives in and around San Francisco took him literally on the call to “accommodate,” as government programs and nonprofit organizations are asking property owners in the Bay Area to take them in.

The homeless have gotten the news of Newsom’s invitation, as many have moved to the Bay Area to live on the streets and public spaces to enjoy a hassle-free lifestyle and welfare and food stamps of around $820 a month.

The five counties that make up the Bay Area now have almost 30,000 homeless occupants. The government programs designed to provide affordable housing have nowhere near the capacity to house the number of people who cannot pay rent or any intentions of getting jobs to pay their way.

The call for private property owners to provide housing sometimes comes with government or nonprofit funding agreements for rent payments. Richmond Mayor Tom Butt has started a program cooperating with the Rotary Club to locate willing landlords who place homeless people for rent from private donations only.

With the nonprofit Abode Services, Kara Carnahan said that placing homeless people has become more difficult as the COVID-19 pandemic wanes. She said landlords needed their services much more when vacancies were high during the earlier days of the pandemic. She said landlords are more hesitant to take on tenants with no job prospects, poor credit, or criminal records.

As life continues to return more to pre-pandemic conditions, liberal bastions like the Bay Area will provide an essential signal to the nation regarding the disasters when people are welcomed with the promise of no responsibilities and free money and drugs as part of the deal.