California Priest Who Defeated Gavin Newsom On Church Lockdowns Calls Vaccine Mandate For Children “Criminal”

Father Trevor Burfitt of the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) successfully sued Democrat California Governor Gavin Newsom over his unconstitutional lockdowns of churches over the COVID pandemic and is now describing Newsom’s vaccination mandates for children as a “criminal action” against California parents.

Burfitt started LifeSiteNews from his Los Angeles church, Our Lady of the Angels.

Newsom has recently announced that he will impose a vaccination mandate for all K-12 California students in public and private schools. The governor issued his proclamation even though he has not had his 12-year-old daughter vaccinated.

Burfitt said the new mandate is a “very criminal action” against parents who have the right to determine what medical care their children should receive. He added that the new rule is what the state government has been “gearing for, all of this time.”

The priest also said that Newsom wants to be “on the forefront” as though the mandate makes California “somehow special.” He added that it is very invasive and harmful to children’s health and family rights.

Burfitt said that he hoped that his church’s school, the Our Lady of the Angels Academy, would avoid the new mandate, stating that “by God’s grace and His protection,” it might not affect his school.

During the pandemic, he has been in the news as he successfully challenged Newsom in court over his lockdown rules for churches. Burfitt obtained both a temporary and a permanent injunction against the state, preventing the enforcement of the measures that put restrictions on churches even more punitive than those imposed on “essential businesses.”

Afterward, Los Angeles health officials entered Burfitt’s church and harassed parishioners. The judge ruled those actions unconstitutional, leading to a settlement of the government’s dispute with the church.

Burfitt said that the permanent injunction protects the right of the church to choose what steps are needed “to protect our faithful.” It also prevents the state from enacting rules harsher on the church than on regular businesses.

Burfitt urged priests to “have better community life” when he was asked about the most needed changes in the modern church.