California Moves To Allow Therapists To Emancipate ‘Trans’ 12-Year-Olds

The war California Democrats are waging on parental rights took a new turn last week in a fresh and startling move. Proposed legislation would permit therapists to sign off on children as young as 12 to be removed from their homes without parental notification and housed in state-run facilities.

This may be done even if there is no threat of violence or self-harm. The bill specifically targets poor kids and enables them to be checked into these institutions on the mere word of a counselor. It applies only to children on Medi-Cal, the state Medicaid program for low-income residents.

Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee approved Assembly Bill 655, which was introduced in February by Assembly Member Wendy Carrillo.

This measure would also allow children to obtain “gender identity” counseling from school psychologists, therapists, and trainees lacking credentials.

And again, no parental consent is needed.

Not surprisingly, the bill’s coauthor is the infamous state, Sen. Scott Weiner. He has taken leadership in highly controversial recent measures, including making California a “sanctuary state” for child gender mutilations.

He also recently honored the anti-Catholic drag nuns group Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. That’s the same organization that brought intense controversy on the Los Angeles Dodgers when the baseball team ridiculously honored them as part of “Pride Month.”

A parade of concerned parents testified against the bill, calling it “heinous” and “dangerous.” Some called it an attempt by the state to emancipate 12-year-olds.

One critic, attorney Nicole Pearson, charged the bill’s supporters wish to amend the law “to let a 12-year-old opt out of their home on a whim, invoking parental separation and emancipation of minors without any claim of danger or parental consent.”

The bill’s authors, including Weiner, categorized these objections as “misinformation” and “lies.”

He claimed his bill “protects children. It makes children safer. It makes children healthier.” Weiner blamed opposition on the so-called “right-wing outrage machine.”

There is a steady march by California Democrats toward impeding parental rights, and this is largely being done under the guise of “gender identity.” A recent bill that drew widespread condemnation would punish parents and foster parents who do not affirm a minor’s gender preference.