California Declares August ‘Transgender History Month’

On Wednesday, the California State Assembly unanimously designated August as “Transgender History Month,” marking a nationwide first.

The California State Assembly has passed a resolution designating August as “Transgender History Month” starting in 2024.

Author of the bill, Rep. Matt Haney (D-CA), expressed pride in presenting the legislation, saying he “couldn’t be more proud to have introduced legislation that will designate August as the first statewide Transgender History month in the nation.”

The resolution reads, “WHEREAS, the month of August has particular significance to the trans community as it is the month when the Compton’s Cafeteria Riots are commemorated. One of the first LGBT civil rights uprisings in the United States, the Compton’s Cafeteria Riots took place in August of 1966 in San Francisco’s Tenderloin District, which has now been designated as the world’s first transgender cultural district and WHEREAS, supporting the transgender community by designating August as Transgender History Month will create a culture led by research, education and scholarly recognition of the contributions of transgender Californians to our great state’s history, and will educate future generations of Californians on the importance of this history; now, therefore, be it resolved by the Assembly of the State of California, that the Assembly declares the month of August of each year as Transgender History Month; and be it further resolved, that the Chief Clerk of the Assembly transmit copies of this resolution to the author for appropriate distribution.”

The Democratic supporters of the bill released a statement, saying, “Every August hereafter will be known in California as Transgender History Month. California has long been at the forefront of the transgender liberation movement. But transgender and gender-nonconforming Americans are being politicized and dehumanized in recent culture wars, and their contributions to the history of the United States are being erased.”

Jorge Reyes Salinas, the communications director for Equality California, stressed the importance of Transgender History Month. He emphasized that it serves as a strong reminder of California’s steadfast support for the transgender community, and their commitment to upholding this value has never been stronger.

In August 2022, the city of Santa Clara, California, officially designated August as Transgender History Month.

Meanwhile, California citizens are fleeing the state in record numbers. In February, the New York Post reported over 500,000 people had left California in two years.

According to the Los Angeles Times, from April 2020 to July 2022, California saw an outmigration of over 700,000 people, exceeding the number of newcomers.