California Cops Strike Back Over BLM’s Cop-Killer Sympathizers

Imagine that you visit a city in the US, and you come upon a mural. This mural represents injustices that are felt by the community. What would your reaction be if Hitler, David Duke, and Mao Zedong were depicted as revolutionaries? Some on the left may appreciate Mao’s work, but we can all agree that it would be atrocious and should be set on fire immediately.

In Palo Alto, California, police officers have to suck it up and pass by a mural depicting a cop killer. Joanne Chesimard (Assata Shakur), an FBI fugitive who escaped prison and fled to Cuba, is pictured on the mural.

Shakur got into activism in college. Go figure. She joined the Black Liberation Army (BLA) and rebelled against the Government by robbing banks, killing police officers and drug dealers. The BLA was active in the 1970s, with the purpose of “taking up firearms for the liberation and self-determination of black individuals in the United States.” You can see a comparison to some of the Black Lives Matter ideologies, and it’s not by accident. The idealogy is consistent through liberal cities across the country. Children learn that if you kick and scream on the ground and get coddled, the behavior can continue with success. This behavior continues into adulthood, only with bricks, water bottles, and firearms. Accountability is all but lost in our most violent and corrupt organizations.

Five police officers have filed lawsuits against the city, saying they are “forced to pass and confront the mural physically.” In comparison, imagine your cubicle neighbor in the corporate USA putting a swastika on their corkboard. Would you feel a bit offended? Thought so!

Both instances involve hate-filled organizations that aim to destroy the fabric of the nation. In reality, there is no difference. It’s the fundamentals that matter. Skin color or affiliation are separate issues.

The case centers around free speech and when it is acceptable and when it isn’t. All can express free speech, but certain elements should not be city or state-supported. While the Black Panthers and the Ku Klux Clan are free to assemble and express themselves, they aren’t supported by cities, and they certainly aren’t allowed to paint their leaders on the pavement. And that’s a good thing. Most reasonable people don’t appreciate praising murderous people. Or are they?

Shakur ultimately got political asylum in Cuba. Near the mural of Shakur is the New Black Panther Party logo. The New Black Panther Party has even been called a revolutionary organization by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

It’s expected that the officers will win the lawsuit, and at least that portion of the mural will have to be removed. If this is the pathway for progression, we don’t want it. The way forward is to identify hate and violence and rid it from our streets and communities. That’s something we can all get behind.