Buttigieg Accepts 50 Percent Pay Tax For Affluent Is “Closer” To Reasonable Share

Since returning from a couple of months of paternity leave when no one appears to have missed him, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has not seemed to alleviate the supply-chain crisis impacting the movement of consumer goods into the U.S. leading up to the holiday season.

While he hasn’t offered much insight into what, if anything, the federal government is getting done to break the bottlenecks at American ports, especially those in Southern California, he has been talking about vaccine mandates and the U.N. climate junket going on in Scotland.

Buttigieg has moved into offering viewpoints on federal taxation. In his appearance on the Saturday broadcast of “Cavuto Live” on Fox News, he told host Neil Cavuto that top earners in America would be getting “closer to” paying a “fair share” in taxes if their rate is bumped up to 50 percent.

Cavuto asked Buttigieg to give his definition of “fair share,” and if 50 percent qualifies. Buttigieg replied, “yes, or closer to it anyway.” He said that wealthy “folks” are “doing great” and would still do so under a 50 percent rate. He added that the wealthy are “benefitting” from “wealth inequality” in America. 

Buttigieg suggested that we should consider the ratio between the incomes of CEOs and ordinary workers. In drawing a comparison to what it was during the Reagan administration, he said that the income gap is not based on productivity but “policy and politics.”

Last week, he also stated that Joe Biden’s “Build Back Better” plan to add $5 trillion in federal spending would help reduce rising gas prices and inflation in general. The inflation facing the country, once described by administration officials as “transitory,” has been exacerbated by the supply-chain crisis, which stifles the supply of goods and energy.

He argued that reducing childcare costs and extending the child tax credit will “help” with global oil markets.