British Newspaper Abruptly Takes Down “Person Of The Year” Poll When An Embarrassing Person Takes The Lead

The Guardian, a progressive leftist British newspaper, decided to take down its 2021 “Person of the Year” poll for readers only after an embarrassing candidate stormed into the lead. Polling was suddenly closed after famous author J.K. Rowling became the apparent runaway leader for the distinction.

It was reported Thursday that readers accused the paper of taking down the online poll because of Rowling’s performance. The headline for the poll said that the paper chose Texas billionaire and Tesla founder Elon Musk for recognition but wanted to know who readers would select. After Rowling surged immediately to an overwhelming lead, the poll disappeared. It was replaced with a message stating the “form has been deactivated” and that no further submissions would be accepted.

Rowling has gone from media darling to a controversial figure in recent years because she refused to accept “woke” ideology. The “Harry Potter” author has said that she believes in the scientific existence of biological gender in humans and that it matters to our culture. That opinion led to her being labeled a “transphobe,” significantly after believing that only women menstruate.

Rowling has become more outspoken, attracting even more ridicule from the left in the last year. Like all controversial persons, she has attracted a significant group of new admirers who agree with her opinions about gender, biology, and western civilization.

The Guardian canceled the poll before it was scheduled to end. It would have been expected to announce results if the polling went on as originally planned. Likely, we will never see Rowling announced as the popular choice among readers since she is hardly consistent with the media outlet’s idea of an acceptable opinion on gender issues.

Chalk it up as another small win for the internet and another instance of the corporate media being forced to deny reality and shield itself from any criticism or open discussion of its narrative.