Boris Johnson Lifts Covid Restrictions In The United Kingdom

While Canada is an example of an overzealous Authoritarian Government, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has finally decided to end its Covid Restrictions. Johnson said that waiting until winter to reopen fully would give the virus an advantage. It would have been good if these limits had been lifted last spring. That brings into question what restrictions could resurface when winter arrives?

The British Prime Minister has witnessed protests on the streets of the United Kingdom recently. Thousands filled the streets, and some even held the American Flag. This show of defiance could have only been better if tea were thrown into a harbor.

Keir Starmer of the Labour Party said Johnson was reckless and could be responsible for the further infection of the new Delta Covid-19 variant. However, experts say that the Covid-19 vaccine is effective against the Delta variant. Out of the 66.65 million people in the UK, over 45 million have been vaccinated.

Starmer took to Twitter and stated, “Let’s call the Delta variant, the Johnson variant. The Prime Minister left our borders open and hasn’t fixed test & trace.”

NHS Test & Trace is used for tracking if you have been in close contact with someone who has been infected with Covid-19.

Incredibly, Starmer has criticized Johnson’s immigration stance, with the Labour party leader Jeremy Corbin stating in 2019 that he wished for a more “liberal” stance on immigration. It shows the desperate nature that politicians have gone to undercut the other side of the aisle.

The expected date that the restrictions would relax is July 19, labeled “Freedom Day” in the UK. Large celebrations will likely occur, and a sense of normalcy will return as bars and restaurants will reopen in 16 months for the first time. Johnson is still recommending masks be worn, although it is not mandatory.

While the lift on restrictions could be immensely beneficial to British citizens, travel may be affected. New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern dismissed Johnson’s “live with the virus” approach by stating she would place the UK on a no-fly list if cases exponentially rose.

With such a significant portion of its population vaccinated, it’s no wonder why the restrictions are being lifted. You must be an example as a leader of how other people are to live. Johnson said he had been vaccinated and will continue to wear a mask occasionally for personal courtesy.

It is logical to expect Canada to follow these similar principles in the following suit. Although Justin Trudeau and the United States have begun to ease border crossings, protections remain in place.

Personal responsibility is the way forward. Individual liberty is essential to any free society. To allow the opportunity for citizens to make responsible decisions for themselves and others is still at the forefront of our minds. Leading by example cannot be entirely lost in a shifting society.