Border Wall Toppled — Foul Play Suspected

Someone apparently did not like Arizona’s attempt to shore up its porous border wall. A temporary section, consisting of shipping containers stacked one on top of another and welded together is now on its side.

State officials believe that it was no accident, though initial reports said the containers toppled due to high winds. The containers when combined measure 60 feet high and 22 feet long.

Gov. Doug Ducey’s communications director CJ Karamargin said that there is speculation that it was the wind, but called that both “unfounded” and “highly unlikely.”

There is ample evidence that the toppling of the heavy and welded-together containers was not an act of nature. Karamargin said that the containers were dented by equipment used to move them and whatever did it put a hole in one of the sides.

The containers weigh an estimated 8,800 pounds each. That’s roughly the weight of a Ford F-450. So even with the high winds that Arizona’s desert region is accustomed to, the communications director said “you don’t see a lot of F-450s flying around,” even in times of severe weather.

Border patrol agents believe the containers were knocked over around midnight last Monday. They were meant to be temporary fixes, and barriers on one end had not been bolted down and welded when crews left the site Sunday evening.

Construction crews first reported that they were knocked over by severe weather.

Karamargin said afterwards that the effort someone put into knocking the temporary structure over is proof that the cause is worthwhile. There were critics, of course, who tried to claim that the state’s work was pointless since it is not a main route of entry for illegal migrants.

But he makes a very valid point. If it were not important, why would someone work so hard to knock over almost nine tons of shipping containers in the middle of the desert?

The communications director added the obvious when he said “we clearly struck a nerve.” The containers were put in place by the state as it awaits the Biden administration to follow through on its word to fill in several gaps along the Arizona border wall. Good luck.