BOOM! Kevin McCarthy Takes Nancy Pelosi to the Woodshed For Misleading America


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Marty Walsh from Trending Politics reports, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy slammed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday for misleading the American people and spreading what he called “outright lies.” During his weekly press conference, the California Republican went after Pelosi over comments she made about changes made to the $2 trillion stimulus package that passed the Senate on Wednesday.


      “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” (Isaiah 5:20).

      • Absolutely right and anyone who would vote for them after what we all have witnessed for the last few years and looks back at those eight darkest years in American politics during the Obozo years would wither be one of them or totally crazy. I live in a total blue state up north and have dealt with the political machine head on which is like a mini Nazi party here and they are evil, they violated my “right to due process” regarding my real property and lied about the authority and my Constitutional Rights under the 5h and 14th Amendments, and nobody would lift a finger; it’s so rigged here it’s like hell, the only thing worse would be full blown communism and they’ve been working on that! I just thought the other day how this is biblical what’s happened, the word Democrat fits almost to a “T” with Demon and they act like Demons look at Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Maxine the Crazy Machine and just about any of them even look hideously evil, so don’t laugh and think that demonic forces aren’t involved; these despots are so corrupted they don’t care about RIGHT at all anymore and just serve wickedness or the Chief Demon! We must remove this entire party from American politics and form a New party without any of those who were Dems; as many of them should even be imprisoned for TREASON!

        • Here is a comment I made about that witch a few days ago which fits this article very well!
          The woman is a despot, desperate lunatic on the highway to hell who calls herself a Catholic which is an oxymoron; when she’s really a renegade politician for Satan.

  1. Nancy should be taken to the Dog track and left there.
    Oh.. They stopped dog racing.. And no one else is there.
    All the better.

    • The Dems, their bitter media and corrupt Judges are PRAYING for the virus spread and more Market drops. Meanwhile:Leave it to a lying Democrat like Schumer to take a Chinese Medicare for all virus and turn it into Politics in the US. Leave it to “Tore Loser” Democrat Pelosi to cause virus fears in investors to drive the Stock market, and therefore 401K’s, Ira’s, and even jobs down. She actually held up CDC funding to further show her hate for the American people. Now she is doing it again!We have lib run schools teaching the kids they do not have to listen to this President and select Blue State Governors trying to crash the economy SOLELY for Political reasons.Since they do not know how to unify during an International health situation we need to clean the Dems out at every level in November. We have had enough of their vile behavior and lies.

  2. Pelosi should be removed from office in handcuffs, charged with treason against legal American people. Sentenced to life in prison at Gitmo. Same should be done to Schiff, Nader, Schumer, and Waters. They get away with threats against Supreme Court justices and against President Trump. If we threaten them we will be arrested charged for making threats.

    • Old Witch, Mobster Evil Pelosi and her Gangster DemoRATS took extreme advantage of the Coronavirus package that was ONLY TO HELP AMERICA AND THE AMERICA PEOPLE, who have lost their jobs; help Businesses etc.
      SELFISH Pelosi and her Gangster DemoRATS have again prove, they don’t care what is happening to Innocent America people who are dying from the virus and don’t care that the American workers may not have enough food to feed their families.
      If Pelosi and her Gangsters where handling the Coronavirus disaster, we all would DEAD.
      Thank God we have the Greatest President Trump. who is making sure that our best Scientist and best Doctors are working 24/7 to find a way to get this deadly virus under control.
      President Trump together with his Scientist and Doctors & the Coronavirus Team, are keeping us the American People informed everyday, but the FAKE PRAPAGANA COMMUNIST LYING NEWS MEDIA IS NOT REPORTING THE TRUTH AS USUAL.

      the everyday is keeping us the American people informed

      • Pelosi is an absolute evil woman criminal that is so full of sin and evil I know there is no way she will not be burning in hell for eternity! Her whole tenure as House Speaker and indeed her whole political career has been nothing but corruption and lies!

      • In her; just like evil Hillery we see how absolute power corrupts absolutely leaving nothing but a soulless minion of the Devil just going through the motions of being here on earth in a human existence but already in hell with the one she serves deep in the pits of hell.

    • I couldn’t agree more, but, it seems that they ARE above the laws that the rest of us have to follow. How else could they keep getting away with the things that they do?

    • Dennis B…..I so agree with you…..I have personally been saying this same thing for a very long time ! These wacked-out democrats all belong in Gitmo !

    • I think there is someone being prosecuted for threatening weasel neck Schiff. Little b#@## went running crying that someone threatened his life. Sad part is that Barr is prosecuting him but has yet gone after anyone who lied about the impeachment. Not really trusting him too much either. Hasn’t prosecuted 1 democrat yet. Threatening Supreme Court justices, several people includingBiden of late violating the Logan Law. Treason by sticking up for terrorist. Democrats fit the definition to a tee if you look at articles. Why hasn’t he? Trump needs to appoint someone who’s going to do something and not just say he’s investigating. Premeditated impeachment. Violation of right to defend yourself and to face your accuser. We all know that the story of a whistleblower was made up by Schiff etal. That’s why they fought so hard because they concocted everything.

      • If this fat Keesta doesn’t start locking up big Dems then we need a complete all out civil war! Lots of dead people but that is the only way to gain true freedom sometimes just like in the past and our forefathers knew all this and did a brilliant job setting this all up but; but look how the Dems and Lying Rino’s have torn it down! CON ARTISTS!

    • Your right there. Just saw this morning where a guy in Texas got arrested for making a threat against Piglosi. Looking at 5 yrs

    • The Demon Party are all heathen non-believers and antichrist carrying out anything that is contrary to the teachings of the Holy Scriptures which this Republic was founded upon on as a nation under God.

  3. The coronavirus bill should have been free from all PORK both Republican and Democratic what are the politicians thinking about . It’s about time they did their JOBS and stop fighting against the President who was elected by the people.

  4. Nancy Pelosi is the Pied Piper of congressman and reading them to their demise her has removed any evidence of of Credibility in a democratic party puppets one and all but if you are a California democrat you still believe the moon is made of green cheese

  5. They are disgraceful, disgusting, disrespectful and not helping Americans get through this very bad pandemic. Can’t they be impeached? That would be great for the country. As my mom always said “what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.” And they sure tried to impeach the president, along with lying to make him look as though he doesn’t know what he is doing. All they have is Biden who can’t get out of his own way and is much too old and senile to fulfill the office of the presidency.

    TRUMP IN 2020!!

  6. I love your comments and totally agree with ALL OF YOU!!!👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  7. We need to re-elect our President and get control of our house and Senate if we don’t we r screwed!! Let’s get out and back our President and give him what he needs. Since I have been voting I have realize that this President is for us American people and he can’t be bought and that’s why the Democrats hate him so much. Let’s stand and fight for him!!

  8. Nancy Pelosi is so scary and hipocrisia is all over her mouth she not even can make it straight her party should be ashamed of her she is a Bitter witch because the president is the best president ever she should resign nobody will miss her good bye

  9. I watched an Andy Griffith episode when a father took his spoilt obnoxious son to the woodshed and there was a paddle there.The boy never miss behaved again.

  10. My older friends keep advising me to vote Democrat. After watching how hateful Democrats are, and how hateful my Democratic friends have become, I will definately vote Republican. I think President Trump is doing a good job.

  11. How can you trust Nancy Pelosi? She is two face about everything she speak of! First of all I don’t believe she is Catholic! Not one person who believe in Jesus Christ would support ABORTION! And if she love AMERICA tell me why she hasn’t close the border? Everything she is doing seen to be trying to finish up what Obama STARTED! She has show her true color about AMERICA! Which is she HATE AMERICA! BUT LOVE CHINA! Thank to her husband business INVESTMENT IN CHINA MARKET!

  12. this woman repulses me. it is because of dems like her, that make it necessary to vote republican for the remaider of my life. what a corrupt, lying , incompetent buffoon

  13. Always remember what many Indian Tribes have said for many Moons………. Pelosi opens mouth…… You can plainly see…. A Forked Tongue ~~~~~~ I American Terms ……. LIES

  14. Marylou News flash it’s your POTUS your Senate we’re being screwed right now I guess you may not have noticed.
    If you vote for him again you’ll have something even worse to worry about then getting screwed.

    • to Spanky………you have been brainwashed and are truly ignorant ! Dems want open borders to let all the trash,criminals, MS13 gangs and terrorists come in because the majority of Americans are not voting for them anymore. In addition you and all the tax payers are paying for their freebies, food, rent, and health ???? You are an idiot ! The Dems are putting illegals before our vets. So many vets living on the streets while illegals getting free rent and food stamps. Spanky….you are anti American and should leave the country or get mental and psychological help. Me an ex democrat……………….ex…ex….ex…demorat ! You are an arse !

      • Drew, this spanky is either some punk trying to get a rise toying with real adults which he obviously isn’t or he’s a mental midget to the nth degree! The word moron is too good for this wasted troll in his mamma’s basement!

    • Spanky you are a complete idiot moron and have no clue which way is up or down let alone who is evil and lying! We have the greatest President this county has seen in a few generations and a Vice President who is a wonderful Christian man raised as a Catholic a real one, not the kind evil Pelosi and Biden say they are but they are so far from being Christians the only thing worse would be for them to be in hell already with pitch forks and devils screaming I hate all humans! You need a doctor and some serious medication fella!

  15. I see you know all about Nancy’s fine outstanding politically corrupt family. Being from Baltimore I know all about how bad these people really were and she grew up around. She definitely has taken up the torch. Don Corleone would be proud.

  16. Have pitty on old nasty Nancy. She suffers from OBC … Old Boring C#nt … Menapus does this to older females . Menapus changes them in ways best not looked into for reasons only God knows . Just set them to the side … their of no use after the change . The crazy sets in as we saw already

  17. How about we all go to google and pull up USA petitions and google Pelosi name. A petition will pop up to unseat her. So I have already done this I signed the petition. So plz Americans do the same along with Schumer and Omar and her CAIR refugees Tlaib and AOC.

  18. Why isn’t Senile Nancy Pelosi in FEDERAL PRISON (with the Democrats responsible) for SEDITION and TREASON. CRIMES against the POTUS and the American People for attempting to overthrow a DULY elected President in the 2016 elections with an ILLEGAL COUP (impeachment SHAM)? She is not WORTHY to be called an American citizen but should be removed from Office ASAP – in HANDCUFFS with the REST of the TREASONISTIC TRAITORS. One Disgusted Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  19. I have got to acknowledge that this is a great blog post. Really interesting to say the least. Though this is my first-time on your website, I am amazed at the level of quality of your articles. Fantastic work.

  20. There should have been money to help the Postal Service. They are the single largest employer in the United States, and perform an invaluable service for millions of Americans. If you think otherwise, take your head out of your butt.

  21. The demonrats are puppets and blind followers of Soros. Whatever Soros want they obey, that is sowing chaos, destabilization, divisiveness, obstructionisms, destructionisms, in fighting, fear mongering, war mongering and other acts of destabllization of a country, for which he takes pleasure watching in the sidelight what is taking place! He says it is fun for him to watch people suffering in the process! Then his minions, the Open Society Foundation and the demonrats, will spring into action to begin the regime change and rewriting of the Constitution. His money will be at work to buy votes for his minions, the demonrats. Therefore let us be vigilant in this coming election, let us pray that no cheating or fraud voting will take place, that God will punish cheaters!

  22. That’s the best punishment for Nasty Nancy, Forever
    Trump rallies, 24/7 , in prison, on bread & water..till hell freezes over…

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