Bloomberg News Has Enraged the Country

Across America today, times are tough. Gas prices have reached rates that are beyond unaffordable, especially for Americans without disposal income. These expensive rates are also worsened by inflation which still has yet to go away.

On top of frustration over gas prices comes exasperation with the Biden administration. This White House is blaming Putin for the crisis and doing everything other than facilitating an energy independence comeback for America.

As countless people have pointed out, bringing back Keystone Pipeline, finishing Mountain Valley pipeline and lifting the different restrictions Biden’s put on the energy industry would bring down gas prices.

The Biden administration is not going to do this. US energy independence doesn’t fit with the leftist Green New Deal agenda. So, for this reason, the White House is choosing the latter over the former.

It goes without saying that Americans don’t need any extra drama added to their plates at this time. Unfortunately, Bloomberg News doesn’t understand this, as pointed out by Red State.

The Worst “Advice” in US History

For days, Bloomberg News has been raked over the coals for its horrific advice to Americans who are trying to survive amid inflation.

Bloomberg recently published an opinion article with different suggestions for earners below $300K per year who are feeling the burn of inflation. Some of the suggestions are as follows:

  • Start eating lentils instead of meat
  • Stop taking your pets to their needed health check-ups
  • Sell your car and begin taking public transportation
  • Stop buying in bulk from grocery stores

Then, to add one final insult to Americans across the nation, Bloomberg said people were never made to think that inflation would make life “fun” for them.

Significant Backlash from the Public

Bloomberg News has faced across-the-board blowback over the suggestions they gave to Americans during tough times.

Many people slammed the publication for urging Americans to neglect their pets. As noted countless times on social media, without the necessary health check-ups, people’s pets could die.

Bloomberg was also called condescending and tone-deaf for suggesting that public transportation over cars and lentils over meat were acceptable solutions to inflation.

In fact, this publication’s advice was so outrageous that some folks said it had to be a form of satire. Other Americans stated Bloomberg News was just openly making fun of people and mocking anyone who isn’t rich enough to withstand inflation.

Thus far, Bloomberg News has yet to take down the opinion article or issue an apology.