Bloomberg Has Been Criticized for Its Tips on Handling Inflation

Despite the Biden administration’s uncaring attitude regarding inflation, this is a very real problem uprooting countless Americans’ lives.

For about ten months, inflation has been hampering the abilities of the American people to achieve financial security and live the lives they want to live. Many folks are finding themselves having to cut back in certain areas in order to pay all their bills.

The Biden administration, meanwhile, continues to come out with one excuse after the other regarding inflation. The latest excuse alleges that Russian President Vladimir Putin is to blame for higher prices across the board.

However, some of the previous excuses the White House used to overlook inflation include the following: dismissing it as “transitory,” writing it off as a “high-class problem,” and even stating it would somehow be beneficial to America’s economy.

As inflation approaches its one-year anniversary in America, Bloomberg News has offered some tips for folks struggling to deal with higher prices. To say these tips haven’t been well-received would be an understatement, as documented by Twitchy.

A Serious Misstep from Bloomberg News

By its own admission, Bloomberg News believes Americans wrestling with inflation ought to take buses (instead of driving their own cars), hold off on purchasing products in bulk, and replace meat products with lentils.

On social media, Bloomberg was slammed for putting this out as advice that Americans should follow. Some of the most common criticism dismissed the publication as out of touch and not really caring about the hardships everyday people face.

Other critics questioned whether or not Bloomberg’s advice was actually a form of satire, rather than serious recommendations. Finally, certain social media users even opined that Bloomberg News was making fun of Americans who are being eaten alive by inflation.

The Real Solution to Handling Inflation

Social media users didn’t just push back against the above-mentioned tips from Bloomberg; they also countered the advice with real solutions.

Americans stated the most effective means of handling inflation is getting rid of it. Although, in order for inflation to go away, the federal government has to stop spending money.

Democrats, meanwhile, are not on the same page. In fact, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other leftist lawmakers are trying to pass another multi-billion-dollar or more COVID spending bill.

The one saving grace here is if moderate Democrats in the Senate join GOP members in voting against a new spending bill, it won’t pass.

Inflation is one of the leading concerns in the United States; it is also a main reason why the Democrat Party is projected to lose the midterm elections.