Black Church Leaders Urge Corporations Away from Black Lives Matter

The peak of “woke” affection shown by huge corporations for Black Lives Matter may have passed, as the cheap virtue-signaling to appease progressive activists is becoming more difficult to justify.

The latest piece of evidence that BLM’s charm with corporate America is dissipating came last week. Several black church leaders approached a group of corporate leaders in Atlanta to urge them to end their support of BLM.

Concerned Communities for America (CCA) is a non-profit organization made up of black clergy leaders. The group visited the headquarters of Coca Cola and Papa John’s Pizza to deliver a pledge renouncing BLM’s calls to defund police and its charity operation. The proposed pledge renounces past support for BLM and the scandals surrounding the organization’s use of donated money to fund “lavish personal expenses.”

CCA is asking corporations to draw the distinction between the inclusive sentiment that black lives, and all lives, matter and the corrupt and openly Marxist organization Black Lives Matter.

CCA executive director DaQuawn Bruce issued a statement saying “woke corporations” fail Black America through “misguided financial support” for BLM and the “anarchy on the streets and in our communities” it promotes. She added that her group hopes to educate corporations on ways they can actually support the communities in which they operate. She also said the group wants to encourage corporations to “uplift those who swear to serve and protect.”

Bruce LaVell is a businessman and supporter of President Trump who is running for Congress this year in Georgia’s 6th district. He told reporters that he wants corporations to understand that in order to have “good communities or great economic returns,” there must first exist “good public safety.”

LaVell added that it is unfortunate that BLM has “intimidated the leaders of some of America’s largest corporations” into being deferential to its “harmful and deceptive narrative.” He argued that BLM is “intrinsically opposed” to everything that allows American businesses to succeed, including “free markets, individual liberties, and law and order.”

CCA has announced that it will deliver proposed pledges to more corporate headquarters this week. Many large corporations may not normally pay much attention to church groups, but with the continuing disclosure of BLM’s abuses, mainstream America may again become important to commercial giants.