Billionaire Google CEO Held Sway Over Biden Science Department

An explosive new report alleges that former Google CEO Eric Schmidt exerted an “unusual level of influence” over President Joe Biden’s Office of Science and Technology (OSTP).

His sway went as far as flying a top White House science advisor to a luxury resort on a private jet, according to Fox News.

Politico also reported in 2022 that Schmidt enjoyed a close relationship with over a dozen OSTP employees as well as Eric Lander. He is the former lead science advisor for the Biden administration and the reported recipient of the flight to a Montana resort.

The first class treatment, according to internal White House emails, was given in July 2021 to a private event held by Schmidt. A Lander spokesperson told the outlet that the White House signed off on the junket and that travel expenses were reimbursed.

Not good enough, according to Protect the Public Trust Director Michael Chamberlain.

The watchdog head told Fox News that private or charter flights of this sort have brought down multiple executive branch officials.

Further, the Biden administration made a big show of placing science above political considerations and said much about sticking to “scientific integrity policies.” Chamberlain added that incidents such as this flight do nothing to dampen public skepticism.

When he accepted the flight, Lander had a top role in forming White House policy. He stepped down last year over accusations of mistreating his staff.

That, however, was after flying the private “Schmidt Futures Charter” to the philanthropic event held at the exclusive Yellowstone Club. Lander, his wife, and his daughter were provided luxury accommodations at the elite ski and golf resort in Big Sky, Montana.

Emails reviewed showed that the Lander family was housed with attendees Matteo Renzi, formerly the prime minister of Italy, and Mathias Cormann, the secretary-general of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

The nonprofit Tech Transparency Project revealed that there is little known about the exclusive retreat hosted by Schmidt. It is known, however, that it regularly attracts the wealthy and powerful.

The guest list has included such luminaries as musicians Lady Gaga and Leon Bridges, Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ), actors Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher, and journalist Ronan Farrow. That’s on top of the lineup of powerful Washington figures who make the trip to Montana.