Biden’s TSA Seeks To Undermine The Freedoms And Privacy Of Americans

President Joe Biden’s Transportation Security Administration has unveiled a new program that is detrimental to the freedoms and security of the American people.

Townhall reports that “16 of the nation’s largest airports including, Atlanta, Boston, Denver, and Los Angeles, are now using face scanners to verify the identity of travelers rather than handing over their driver’s license or passport.”

Eventually, the TSA plans to expand the program to all airports nationwide. Effectively, this program is one of the largest governmental operations that collect the biometric data of U.S. citizens.

The program is currently being used in Communist China and has become controversial. Citizens argue that facial recognition is a “direct violation of Americans’ privacy and civil rights.”

On Twitter, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) asked, “Do you trust Joe Biden’s TSA to use it as well?” In response, Rep. Troy Nehls (R-TX) said, “nope.”

Fox News columnist Justin Haskins pointed out that the program is the commencement of a socialist regime. Haskins noted that the Chinese government uses facial recognition to “track and control its massive population as part of its social credit system.”

However, TSA spokesman Daniel D. Velez asserted, “Biometric technology has the potential to enhance security effectiveness, improve operational efficiency, and yield a more streamlined passenger experience at the TSA checkpoint.”

“The system asks passengers to insert a photo identification into a security kiosk and then look at a camera,” Fox News reported.

Upon the passage of a few seconds, the machine uses artificial intelligence to differentiate the face scan from the photo ID provided by the traveler.

If the system does not find an error, passengers are allowed to continue. However, if the system does find an error, a TSA agent will contemplate whether or not to deny passage to the traveler.

If the program is deemed successful, TSA will attempt to integrate the program in all U.S. airports.

TSA argues that the program will not keep data affiliated with travelers’ face scans. But there is no way to confirm their claims. No evidence has been provided that the TSA will keep its promise of secure data. And no federal law has not been implemented that would prohibit citizens’ biometric data from being stored.