Biden’s Supreme Court Reform Commission Disappoints Democrats

The hype surrounding the Biden administration’s Supreme Court reform commission back in April has subsided somewhat with numerous foreign, domestic, and border disasters Joe Biden has been beset with since then. At the time the commission was established, Biden was signaling a change in his earlier position that he would not consider “packing” the Supreme Court by expanding the size of the court.

The commission has come back into the spotlight somewhat with a preliminary release of some of its “discussion materials.” Those materials indicate that the commission states that expanding the number of justices on the high court could pose “considerable” risks and further politicize the court’s business.

The notes indicate that expanding the court would be permitted under the Constitution, but doing so could “undermine the very goal” of “restoring the court’s legitimacy.” The statement added that rather than calming the controversies around the court, packing the court could “further degrade the confirmation process. The risk could be that the future senate could respond to the dispute by flatly refusing to consider confirming any nominees.

The initial takes on the commission’s notes indicate that Democrats, not Republicans, are infuriated by the commission’s work. Leftist commentators are seeing themselves as the defenders of “our democracy,” even though they are the side now becoming hysterical to overturn institutions that have existed more or less consistently for centuries.

The leftist belief that their opponents are not simply wrong but are existential evils that must be eliminated leads their radical agenda to obtain raw political power by any methods necessary.

Given that the release notes are only preliminary and are not the commission’s final findings, it may still end up recommending expansion and packing of the court. When one side in a political dispute indicates that it is willing to roll over tradition and established boundaries to get its way, the likely result is dangerous for any nation that might hope to remain free.