Biden’s Speech to the US Navy Has Gone Horribly Wrong

As Joe Biden’s time as president drags on, the various gaffes he makes are happening on an increasingly frequent basis. This is a problem, especially in light of everything that’s happening in the world.

Over the past several weeks alone, Biden’s forgotten information about his energy secretary, confused his wife with the vice president, and otherwise gotten confused about critical and official matters.

Then, before that, the president was falling up the stairs of Air Force One and making a fool of himself in additional ways. Time and time again, the clear holes within Biden’s cognitive capabilities continue to emerge. Yet, to this day, the president has never taken and released the result of a cognitive test.

Over the weekend, Biden delivered a speech before the United States Navy. However, as pointed out by Red State, the president couldn’t get through this speech without yet another gaffe.

The Latest Hole in Biden’s Memory

On Saturday, the president stood before the United States Navy and said he was proud of the Joint Forces initiative that she started with Michelle Obama, during the latter’s time as vice president.

Yet, Michelle Obama was never vice president of the United States. Obama was previously the first lady and Biden himself was the vice president during the eight years of Barack Obama’s administration.

This latest gaffe seems to indicate that Biden’s memory is slipping further and further away each day. At this point, the president is beginning to make more gaffes than factually correct statements.

This is alarming, to say the least, and it certainly doesn’t show that America is “back,” as Biden likes to put it. His own administration is repeatedly having to correct public statements he makes, which has become quite unnerving.

Time for a Cognitive Test?

In light of Biden’s continuous pattern of forgetting things, making statements that could set off the next world war, etc., many people believe he needs to take a cognitive test and then share these test results with the American public.

This is something that former White House doctor Ronny Jackson has called for. Jackson, now serving in the House of Representatives, previously worked as the doctor under multiple administrations.

His assessment is that Biden isn’t all the way there and doesn’t have the capacity to lead America as president. Despite Jackson’s calls for a cognitive exam for Biden, the president has yet to take one and share its results with the country.

At this point, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out why Biden and/or his handlers are doing everything possible to prevent this from happening.