Biden’s Pick For Anti-Semitism Envoy Said Ilhan Omar’s Israel Comments Were Anti-Semitic

Rep. Ilhan Omar’s (D-Minn.) remarks on Israel were once described as anti-Semitic by President Joe Biden’s candidate to be the United States’ special envoy to combat anti-Semitism. However, distinguished Holocaust historian and anti-Semitism expert Deborah Lipstadt was nominated and confirmed by the Senate to serve as the United States ambassador to combat and monitor anti-Semitism in the State Department.

In addition to this, when Lipstadt was asked about Omar’s portrayal of pro-Israel Americans as having “allegiance to a foreign country,” she stated in a 2019 interview with Jewish Insider that it is a precise instance of anti-Semitism. In addition, she also said that there were two allegiances against Jews in textbooks which is one of the most common. They are cosmopolitans and globalists, portraying them as not loyal to their own country or their people.

However, Omar has stated on multiple occasions that she does not consider her remarks to be anti-Semitic. Still, on the other hand, Lipstadt believes that her anti-Semitic stance influences the lawmaker’s views. Regardless of whether Omar believes she is only criticizing Israel and its policies, she added that one could not overlook the reality that she is doing so via old anti-Semitic stereotypes. As a result, this suggests that these individuals live in an environment where anti-Semitism is pervasive. They hear it, breathe it in, and fail to recognize it for what it is.

Currently, Lipstadt’s confirmation by the Senate is required before she can begin working in her new position. However, it is believed that a wide range of bipartisan support is predicted for her nomination, given her status as one of the world’s top experts on anti-Semitism.