Biden’s Own White House Exposed His Foreign Policy Failures

The United States has collectively cringed upon being forced to watch Joe Biden make one poor policy choice after another.

The president’s failure to properly manage America’s troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, along with his inability to keep Russian President Vladimir Putin from invading Ukraine, has only led to disastrous outcomes.

When Trump was in office, he made foreign policy choices that commanded respect, while Biden’s foreign policy decisions are rife with weakness. And today, the world is witnessing the consequences of this administration’s takeover play out.

Meanwhile, as Biden crashes and burns in the foreign policy department, his own White House has just recently pointed out his failures — albeit unintentionally — according to Red State.

Saying the Quiet Part Out Loud

Days ago, Biden had a roughly two-hour-long call with Chinese President Xi Jinping. This call took place as the United States government is working to ensure China doesn’t provide Russia any aid for its invasion of Ukraine.

On Friday, White House press secretary Jen Psaki was asked why Biden refused to make any direct requests of the Chinese government, in light of ongoing geopolitical situations.

Psaki replied by stating that it’s up to the Chinese government to determine how it will be remembered in the history books.

There are many flaws with this approach. But the greatest flaw is that autocratic nations with no regard for freedom or liberty write their own history books, so this may not be the best approach.

This isn’t the first time the White House has adopted this stance. And this explains why Biden is not respected by leaders like Putin and Xi.

Autocratic leaders have to be spoken to in the language they understand. And “hey, I’m sure you’ll do the right thing” will not translate well.

Trump was not antagonistic toward Russia. But he was very firm with Putin when he was president, and Putin never dared to make a move against Ukraine during that time. It’s a pity this administration can’t learn from its predecessor.

Elections Have Consequences

The foreign policy problems taking place are what happens when people decide hearing nice words from an unfit leader is better than an effective leader who sometimes posts mean tweets.

Biden has yet to make a single move to command respect from US enemies, or even provide assurances to US allies. This is a very dangerous time for everyone, especially considering the shots being called by our nation’s leaders.