Biden’s New Press Secretary Has Serious Conflicts of Interest

White House press secretary Jen Psaki is on her way out of the Biden administration. On Friday, May 13, Psaki will leave her current post for a commentating gig with MSNBC.

Rumors of Psaki leaving the White House swirled around for quite some time before they were officially confirmed. Her departure comes as many other aides working for the Biden administration have seen their way out as well.

Once Psaki is officially out, current deputy press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre will be taking her place. The Biden administration has lauded this as positive representation, seeing as Jean-Pierre is a black, gay woman.

Yet, what the White House isn’t talking about is the serious conflicts of interest that come with Jean-Pierre working as press secretary, per PJ Media.

Corruption Tightens Its Grip on the Biden Administration
The most obvious conflict of interest with Jean-Pierre’s upcoming role as White House press secretary is her marriage to CNN employee Suzanne Malveaux.

With Malveaux’s wife working for the White House, it raises questions about whether CNN will objectively report on news involving the current administration.

Likewise, CNN will very likely have access to classified information from this administration, due to the marriage between the incoming press secretary and network employee.

CNN claimed that once Jean-Pierre officially begins as press secretary, Malveaux won’t be providing political coverage. That remains to be seen.

Nevertheless, another conflict of interest dealing with Jean-Pierre is her open hostility towards Israel, a central US ally. Jean-Pierre is tied to organizations, such as MoveOn, that make their aversion to Israel quite clear.

By Biden promoting Jean-Pierre to the press secretary role, he’s sending a disturbing message about how his administration views both Israel and Jewish people.

Nothing New For the Biden Administration
Despite the multiple conflicts of interest associated with the incoming White House press secretary, no one should be surprised. Lies and corruption are par for the course when it comes to the Biden administration.

To this very day, the president and his officials continue to repeat the lie that inflation is a “Putin price hike.” In actuality, inflation is a price hike caused by Biden’s spending bills that congressional Democrats enabled.

Karine Jean-Pierre’s work as White House press secretary is bound to mirror Psaki’s. After all, she worked under Psaki and took cues from her.

At the end of the day, regardless of who holds the post of press secretary for the Biden administration, they’ll still be lying to Americans every day.