Biden’s New Executive Order Praises Capitalists

In one executive decree, Joe Biden loses the respect of Socialists. The capitalistic bill encourages commercial competition by making it more difficult for companies to enter into “no-competition” agreements.

Just before the Executive Order, Biden stated, “Capitalism without competition is exploitation.” I can already see Bernie Sanders fuming.

While most of Biden’s Executive Orders have killed businesses and damaged the United States’ framework, this one appears to be hopeful. At this point, I believe we’re all acclimated to Biden issuing executive orders, and we don’t see a way out for another three and a half years. They might as well be good.

While the Order appears well-intended, Biden said that several government agencies would be watching its implementation. I’m not sure what federal agencies have to do with private firms, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Biden was chastised for not including all the left desired in the law. Some people wondered if the plan would consist of voting rights, a higher minimum wage, or anything else to help struggling middle and low-income families.

Companies would be led astray if there was intense pressure to boost the minimum wage. It would only allow large corporations to survive.

Since the federal minimum wage has remained stagnant for so long, competition has leveled out. Many businesses, large and small, have successfully fulfilled the $15 push with minimal government intervention. Chick-Fil-A is one of these businesses. Despite the closures, their restaurants were thriving in 2020. Except on Sundays, they had the flexibility to close their interior dining and efficiently run a well-operated drive-thru.

It could also be a push to bring more people into the workforce. Many individuals are still receiving unemployment checks with little to no oversight or responsibility from the government. Every street in America has companies with signs that advertise “Now Hiring,” and some will even pay you to come in for an interview. Incredibly, these opportunities are passed up.

Even restaurants that are entirely operational and have absolutely no Covid limitations are having difficulty filling their dining areas because only half of them are open. And it’s not due to renovations or social isolation, and it’s because of employee numbers.

Unemployed Americans who receive checks are paid more than police officers in some areas, believe it or not. Unemployment in North Carolina was $600 per week, plus a $300 federal unemployment bonus. That works up to $900 a week when the average Police Officer income in North Carolina is $48,420 per year, according to To put it more simply, that’s $956.40 per week. When benefits, pensions, and taxes are added in, most people aren’t taking home $900 per week.

We’re not fooled by Biden just yet. Even though the Executive Order looks to be encouraging, skepticism is at an all-time high. We’ll have to wait and see what his next move is or what he’s been told his next move will be.