Biden’s Latest Run-ins With COVID-19 Disprove His Previous Claims

The Biden administration and various health officials have repeatedly sounded the alarm about “misinformation” dangers pertaining to COVID-19. It’s been said that spreading misinformation can endanger individuals, their health, and the community at large.

When Americans raised questions about the speed at which COVID-19 vaccines were created and distributed, they were called conspiracy theorists and told there was nothing to worry about.

Joe Biden himself has been one of the greatest promoters of these vaccines. However, his recent run-ins with COVID-19 have ironically discredited his past claims about the efficacy of these shots.

Expectations vs. Reality
Months ago, Biden told the country that anyone who had COVID-19 vaccines was not going to get the virus.

The president also tried to pass a nationwide mandate forcing nearly every US worker to either get the vaccine or lose their jobs. To the relief of many Americans, the Supreme Court ultimately ruled against Biden’s efforts.

Last month, the president came down with COVID-19 on multiple occasions, despite having all of his vaccines and booster shots.

Biden’s been vaccinated on camera multiple times as a means of promoting the vaccine. However, he still remains bogged down with “rebound” infections of the virus.

Since Biden’s untrue claims that vaccinated people wouldn’t come down with COVID-19, even health officials have conceded that these shots don’t spare anyone from sickness or transmission of the virus.

Radio Silence From the Biden Administration
At this moment, the White House has not walked back the president’s statements about COVID-19 vaccines. Social media sites also haven’t flagged videos of Biden claiming vaccines would prevent infection as “misinformation.”

The president’s back-to-back bouts with COVID-19 continue to generate a decent amount of talk on social media, however. Many Americans believe that if a vaccine cannot spare someone from being infected with a virus or passing that infection onto others, its efficacy is questionable.

Even more so, people are speaking out against COVID-19 vaccine mandates that led to people losing their jobs, educational opportunities, and access to various environments.

Judging from the history of the current administration, Americans shouldn’t hold their breath waiting for a correction to Biden’s prior claims.