Biden’s Executive Order Brings Us Closer To Rule By Decree

On July 9, 2021, Joe Biden signed Executive Order 14036 – Promoting Competition in the American Economy, adding to the previous 51 Executive Orders he has signed since his presidency.

For a man who once argued that being a leader by Executive Order was tyrannical, Biden knows how to sign Executive Orders. Biden was alluding to Donald Trump, whom Biden still describes as a tyrant rather than a president.

Within the first couple of paragraphs, Biden, or whoever crafted the directive, can’t stop highlighting individuals of color. The passage is as follows:

“Powerful companies require workers to sign non-compete agreements that restrict their ability to change jobs. And while many occupational licenses are critical to increasing wages for workers and especially workers of color, some overly restrictive occupational licensing requirements can impede workers’ ability to find jobs and to move between States.”

What is it that makes the left assume that those who aren’t white are incapable? It is only one of many reasons Democrats are losing the minority vote. They appeal to people of color in ways that make them feel inferior.

Cable, internet, medication, wage competition, and various other things are included in the order.

In addition, the executive order created a White House Competition Council. This council will be formed out of the following individuals:

  • The Secretary of the Treasury
  • The Secretary of Defense
  • The Attorney General
  • The Secretary of Agriculture
  • The Secretary of Commerce
  • The Secretary of Labor
  • The Secretary of Health and Human Services
  • The Secretary of Transportation
  • The Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs Administrator
  • The heads of such other agencies and officers as the chair may invite to participate.

Let’s break down further a couple of definitions.

Capitalism is indeed a political and economic system under which trade and industries are managed instead of the state for profit by private persons.

Socialism is a political and economic ideology of social organization that advocates for the community to own or manage production, distribution, and trade.

Are you seeing the trend that I’m seeing? How far is this Executive Order going to reach? Is this where Biden ends governmental reach? Unlikely.

Regulations imposed by the federal government have killed American businesses. Most of them have relocated abroad. Importing has become less expensive than manufacturing in the United States. Consider the garment business. In 2017, it was reported that the United States manufactures 5% of all clothes produced worldwide. Some countries pay their employees as much as $12 per day towards the top of the wage scale.

To enhance the American economy, the government must de-regulate production and make it easier for small businesses to prosper. When the administration gets out of the way, small businesses have the potential to grow into giant corporations. With fewer regulations, these enterprises will remain in the United States, driving our economy up rather than down.

Unemployment checks must also be eliminated. Staying at home is not being incentivized. Businesses are currently unable to keep up with the workload since no one wants to work. Why should they when they’re being paid not to?

This Executive Order must be reconsidered to determine its impact on the country’s future. And someone needs to take Biden’s pen away from him so he can’t sign these orders any longer.