Biden’s Dismissal Of Kyrsten Sinema May Not End Well For Democrats

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) was featured in corporate media reporting last week when she was harassed and followed by persons recording her video as she entered a public restroom at Arizona State University. Her pursuers were illegal immigration activists who were angry with her for not supporting amnesty through the monstrous $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation proposed by the Biden White House and congressional progressives.

It was not very surprising to see leftist activists acting like creeps, but it was still somewhat surprising that Joe Biden made light of the whole thing, saying that this kind of coarse bathroom attack is just “part of the process.” What doddering Joe does not realize is that women tend to have a problem with strangers invading their personal space inside restrooms, whether the offensive behavior is for a “righteous” political cause or just done for the sake of being abusive.

Sinema has since shown her independent streak and is reportedly refusing to accept repeated calls from the White House. Some commentators say that Sinema is not refusing to communicate with the administration but is “slow-walking,” returning their calls in protest.

In any event, presidents are used to having senators answer when they call in Washington. Even making Biden wait for days is a power play by Sinema, reminding him of his lack of leverage over the evenly-divided Senate.

Observers should ask what incentive Sinema has to be cooperative with Biden at this point, following his bold dismissal of her being harangued by weirdos in a public restroom and referring to her as someone “standing in the way” of his plans.

Biden’s decades in the Senate may have given him a false impression of his power over Sinema. After all, it is difficult to dictate orders to people you do not have leverage over. Sinema has said since her election in conservative-leaning Arizona that she is a moderate who will not blindly follow the instructions of any political party. Biden may be learning the hard way that she might mean it.