Biden’s COVID Testing Promises Lead To Chinese Propaganda Boasting

The Chinese Communist Party uses Joe Biden as a propaganda tool by emphasizing the White House’s reliance on Chinese manufacturing to support its COVID-19 testing plan.

The Global Times is an English-language media outlet controlled by the Chinese government. It recently published an article setting out how Biden’s plan to have the US federal government mail out “free” COVID tests to millions of Americans is dependent on Chinese industrial capacity.

The outlet reported that one Chinese manufacturing firm saw its orders from the US jump by 30 percent in the last week. The company said that it is running at total capacity and is adding in additional shifts to meet the American demand for its products.

Last month, Biden changed his administration’s approach to the COVID pandemic by announcing a new federal government plan to purchase and distribute 500 million test kits to American citizens. The government began accepting requests for the tests earlier this week. The Administration says that tests will take 7 and 10 days to ship.

The pilot testing for the websites used for test kit requests revealed glitches for many orders for certain types of mailing addresses. Each order is limited to four free tests, and there will be no shipping or postal fees for the orders. The estimated cost for purchasing and distributing the Chinese-made test kits is $4 billion.

Private insurance companies are also now required to cover the expense of at-home rapid COVID tests, up to $12 per test.

The Chinese media article describes a $1.28 billion agreement between the Biden Administration and a company based in the US, a subsidiary of a giant Chinese manufacturer for test kit production. Those kits are to be manufactured in China, and the paper reported that the new American government contract led to a “bull run” on the company’s stock price.

The article also touts the reliance of America on Chinese companies to manufacture paper face masks that many jurisdictions in the US force citizens to wear in different environments. Fox News reported earlier this month that the masks distributed by the congressional Office of the Attending Physician have large stamps reading “Made In China.”