Biden’s Contempt For Americans is on Full Display

Of all the damage done to the United States, the current prices of gas are at the top of the list. Joe Biden set this in motion when he systematically took down oil drilling, pipelines, and oil/gas leases.

As the president stands by policies that are increasing energy and gas prices, he’s demonizing the suppliers. Biden wants Americans to believe these companies are unfairly price-gouging consumers.

Yet, between inflation and anti-energy reforms, it is more expensive and more challenging for the energy sector to operate as it once did.

Many Americans have speculated the president couldn’t care less about folks who are struggling because of high gas prices. Biden proved these Americans right with his recent comments during a press conference in Spain.

The President on Gas Prices in America
While Biden gathered with NATO countries overseas, he held a press conference and took questions. On Thursday, one reporter asked Biden how long people in the United States should be fairly expected to pay very high rates for gas.

The president nonchalantly said Americans will have to spend top dollar on gas for however long it takes. He then followed up, saying that until Russia has no way of defeating Ukraine, gas prices are what they are in America.

Later, Biden floated the possibility of a cap being put on gas prices. Yet, this would not bring about lower costs. In effect, capping what oil suppliers can charge while they’re compelled to pay more on their end would force them out of the market for good.

Price caps, if initiated, would ultimately create a situation where Americans go from spending an arm and a leg on gas to having no gas at all.

Negative Responses From the American People
As most folks would imagine, most Americans didn’t take too kindly to Biden’s uncaring response to being asked about gas prices.

On Twitter, people blasted the president as being unfair and out of touch. Others questioned why Biden continues to put the interests of Ukraine over the interests of Americans.

Another common point warned that Biden putting out a message like this wasn’t doing his party any favors ahead of the midterm elections in November.

Time will tell whether or not the White House rushes to clarify what Biden “really” meant to say during Thursday’s press conference.