Biden’s Can’t Figure Out If Putin is a War Criminal

During the 2020 campaign trail, Joe Biden talked a good game about taking on Russian leader Vladimir Putin. Biden boldly proclaimed on multiple occasions that Putin didn’t want him to be president.

However, there’s a major gap between candidate Biden’s words about Putin and President Biden’s actions towards Putin.

A Brief Recap

Last year, Biden gutted America’s Keystone XL Pipeline; then, shortly thereafter, he rolled back various measures interfering with Putin’s prized Nord Stream 2 pipeline in Russia. Biden also shrugged off the 11,000 American jobs that were lost due to him trashing the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Despite Biden’s tough talk against Putin, there’s a pattern of Putin striking Ukraine when Biden is in the White House. During the Obama administration (and Biden’s tenure as vice president), the Russian despot hit Ukraine in 2014.

Then, in February 2021, Putin kicked off an invasion of Ukraine. As this war fails to yield the quick win that Putin expected, the Russian leader is threatening to bring war against the United States and lashing out against the West in general.

Meanwhile in Ukraine, hospitals and maternity wards are getting blown up and fired upon all on Putin’s orders. Additional reports indicate women in Ukraine being physically assaulted by Russian troops and more.

However, as pointed out by Twitchy, all of these events have still left Biden seemingly unsure about whether or not he views Putin as a war criminal.

The Latest from Biden on Putin

During a Wednesday media conference at the White House, the sitting president was questioned by a reporter about whether or not he views Putin as a war criminal. At first, Biden said “no,” he doesn’t perceive Putin as a war criminal.

But later, Biden circled back to the reporter and changed his answer, this time declaring that he does view Putin as a war criminal.

Of course, it didn’t take long for this exchange to make its way on social media. Many people questioned why Biden wasn’t able to give a clear and accurate answer the first time.

Either way, this past Wednesday fits a pattern for Biden. This is a pattern of Biden demonstrating what appears to be an abject fear of Putin; meanwhile, the latter is sensing this weakness and exploiting it.