Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill Is Larded Down With Green Energy Giveaways

The hard-learned lessons of the past that government spending on politically profitable private companies to promote “green” infrastructure are entirely lost on not only the Biden administration but all of the Republican senators who are regrettably supporting his bipartisan infrastructure bill.

On August 7, the Senate took a big step forward in giving the Biden administration a big win on part one of his multi-trillion dollar “infrastructure” plan. By a 67-27 vote, the Senate moved forward by advancing the bill towards final approval, with 18 Republicans voting in favor of moving the bill past the 60-vote filibuster threshold.

President Donald Trump issued a statement calling the bill a “disgrace” and said that it would be tough for him to endorse any senators who voted in favor of moving it forward.

When the bill’s actual text finally became available, the memory of the Solyndra boondoggle and bankruptcy came to mind.

Biden is going big on taxpayer-funded “green energy,” just as the Obama administration did. The White House said that the bipartisan bill attacks the climate crisis by making the “largest investment in clean energy transmission and EV infrastructure in history.”

The administration also touted the deployment of thousands of electric school and public transportation buses throughout the country and creating a new federal bureaucracy, the Grid Deployment Authority.

The bipartisan bill includes $7.5 billion in spending for a nationwide network of electric vehicle charging stations. The administration claims that the network will address the climate crisis but does not discuss where the electricity will power the stations.

The spending on electric public transit includes $2.5 billion for zero-emission buses, $2.5 billion for low emission buses, and $2.5 billion for ferries.

The bill includes $21 billion in environmental remediation, with the administration’s stated goal as “advancing economic and environmental justice.” What “environmental justice” means is left to the imagination.

The bill marks $73 billion in new spending for clean energy transmission. It is unclear how much funding will go to private companies on positive political terms with the Biden administration.

Republican senators supporting the latest green energy plan for corporate welfare and crony capitalism may be left without much to show constituents concerning the nation’s crumbling roads and bridges.