Biden’s ‘Bad Policies Potentially Connected To Son’s ‘Shady Business Dealings’

Speaking with Newsmax’s “Spicer & Co.” on Tuesday, Rep. James Comer (R-KY) argued that “some of the bad energy policies coming out of the Biden administration” were potentially connected to “evidence” showing President “Joe Biden was a part of Hunter’s shady business dealings.”

The Kentucky Republican began by noting that “everybody in America knows” that the president’s son “Hunter Biden is a bad dude” and “a shady business character.”

Comer then pointed out that Republicans on the House Oversight Committee, on which he is a ranking member, had found evidence that “Joe Biden did, in fact, know very well” what his son was doing.

“More and more evidence is beginning to come in that Joe Biden was a part of this. That’s a national security crisis,” he said.

“This may explain some of the bad energy policies coming out of the Biden administration,” the congressman added. “We’re finding out more and more about Joe Biden’s relationship with Chinese energy companies.”

“More and more evidence is coming forward: more and more emails, more and more text messages and more and more whistleblowers that were in direct contact with Hunter Biden and his associates,” Comer added. “That would lead me to believe that this is of the utmost concern to every American.”

The Republican congressman went on to wonder why the FBI hasn’t taken action regarding this evidence.

“I believe the FBI had to know about a lot of this stuff that was going on,” Comer said. “I wonder why they haven’t done anything about it.”

Last week, the House Oversight Committee rejected a GOP-led effort which sought documents related to the Biden family’s international business deals, according to reporting from CNN.

Comer noted that “a lot of people are saying we need a special counsel to investigate” Hunter Biden, but acknowledged that “special counsels take a long time.”

“I think that we can make a lot of progress in the Oversight Committee if we can get things like those suspicious activity reports, if we can have a public setting where these whistleblowers can testify under oath,” he said. “They will come forward and they will testify if we’re in the majority and I have the gavel on the Oversight Committee.”

According to Reuters, suspicious activity reports are documents which financial institutions are required to file with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network when they suspect money laundering or fraud is occurring. These documents assist with monitoring out of the ordinary activity — which may indicate illegal activity or issues threatening public safety — that occurs within finance-related industries.

“Hunter Biden had 150 bank violations,” Comer explained. “That’s the bank notifying the federal government that we’re pretty confident our client has committed criminal activity here. We have been told by some whistleblowers that Joe Biden’s name was on some of those bank accounts, that their funds were co-mingled.”