Biden’s Anti-Energy Policies Have Serious Consequences

Joe Biden, since getting into office, has been talking out of both sides of his mouth when it comes to energy production in America.

On one hand, the president has banned oil drilling, interfered with oil/gas lease sales, and made energy production less feasible, yet more costly. At the same time, Biden continues to lash out at energy companies for current gas prices and shortages in oil.

As many people have pointed out, the president can’t have it both ways. He can’t put in place policies that impede energy production and then go after industry giants for their prices and product levels.

Unfortunately, the anti-energy reforms forced through by Biden in the United States have now helped create what will be a nightmare in Latin America.

Dangerous Times For Latin America
In Colombia, left-winger Gustavo Petro just won the nation’s presidential election. Not only that, but Petro’s also been clear he has every intention of making climate change a key part of his work.

As such, one of Petro’s top goals is to completely eliminate both mining and oil. Unfortunately, this won’t just impact Latin America; the ramifications of such a policy will ripple out and affect the United States as well.

The impact on the United States will be due to Columbia’s status as a leading provider of oil to our country. Therefore, without access to this oil, gas prices can be expected to rise nationwide across America.

Petro’s energy policies are right on brand with the ones that Biden’s been pushing here in America. Just as the Colombian president-elect aims to get rid of oil in his nation, Biden’s on record calling for the worldwide prohibition of fossil fuel subsidies.

If Columbia goes in the direction it’s expected to under this new leadership, Americans will definitely be feeling the pain from this for years to come.

A Disastrous Alliance
As the Biden administration makes his intentions of working with Petro more than clear, everyday people are the ones who ultimately lose at the end of the day.

Already, with Columbia’s oil sector intact, US gas prices are far higher than they should be. Yet another source of oil being gone as Biden clamps down on the US domestic energy industry will hurt many Americans’ finances.

Nevertheless, in the Columbian president-elect, Biden has certainly found someone just as fanatically committed to climate change policies as himself. There are virtually no scenarios where this ends well at all.