Biden’s Afghanistan Failure Made Even Worse By Taliban Trolling

If it were not a human tragedy about untold thousands of stranded Americans struggling to escape Afghanistan and trillions in taxpayer money gone with the wind, there would be plenty about President Joe Biden’s botched withdrawal of U.S. forces that would be laughable. The Taliban may be getting more humor out of the situation than anyone.

The victorious Taliban have already started flexing their newfound media muscles. At a press event on August 17, a spokesman turned a question about the suppression of free speech back on the Biden administration’s admitted partnership with Big Tech to stifle the citizens alleged to be the most unrestrained people in the world.


The attack rings true when one considers how the federal government tells Facebook what content it wants to be censored in real-time. Also, consider that all major social media platforms simultaneously canceled President Trump while still in office. When an American administration has no credibility to challenge a smear on its free speech record made by the Taliban, well, we are in the wrong place.

The Taliban has also picked up on the common meme that conservative commentators have enjoyed deploying against Biden ever since the compliant press corps fawned over his tastes in ice cream flavors during last year’s election season.

Donald Trump, Jr. hasn’t been kicked off of Twitter yet, and he also runs with the ice cream meme when the opportunity presents itself.

The Taliban knows that much of the American public think of Biden as a joke, and they have shown that they don’t want to miss out on the fun.

When even America’s most minor intelligence adversaries pick up on the joke on Joe Biden, it is a strong demonstration that the president and his media supporters should pause for some accurate introspection and self-examination.