Biden ‘Wants To Help’ Understand How Great Things Are Going

On Wednesday, US President Joe Biden held his first news conference at the White House. Biden said don’t be concerned if things don’t seem quite right, if your future is dark, or if your financial condition appears weak. You’re doing fine, if not thriving, thanks to him.

President Joe Biden conducted his first press conference of the year to state unequivocally that what you read and see on the news isn’t what’s going on. He was there to tell you what’s going on as the coronavirus spreads at a pace geometrically faster than it did under Biden’s predecessor and as people take out second mortgages to purchase bread and milk.

He also claims that he has to communicate better how better life has been for you since he was elected. Soon, he’ll be “out on the road a lot, making the case throughout the country” that things are stable. “It’s important for him to make it plain to the American people what they’re here for,” Biden adds.

Joe Biden is on his way to explaining why his performance at the COVID-19 conference in Washington, DC, should make you happy. “They are in a better position than they have been and have been thus far, obviously better than they were a year ago.” Every day, 1,900 fatalities are reported, a 50 percent rise in the previous two weeks. More than 150,000 coronavirus patients have been admitted to hospitals across the country, more than at any other time during the pandemic. Biden spoke for two hours, demonstrating the White House’s opinion that their biggest problem is that they don’t speak enough.

The annual Gridiron Club of Washington gathering is taking place in Washington, DC, and White House officials are ready to assist you to comprehend things you don’t seem to understand yet. “They still have a lot of work to do,” Deputy Chief of Staff Bruce Reed tells the Washington Post, “but they’ve had a hectic year.” He adds, “Keep grinding, keep getting things done, and keep moving the ball downfield.”

According to an Associated Press survey, just about a third of the public wants him to run again in 2024. But that’s most likely because they haven’t yet seen him describe how wonderful life is right now.