Biden Utilizes The Military To Spread Illegals Across America

Why are Southwest Key Programs holding facilities for illegal immigration minors important?

Southwest Key Programs is a non-profit organization established in Austin, Texas, that offers shelter and accommodation for immigrant children. Juan Sanchez started the organization, and he retired in 2019.

Southwest Key Programs houses immigrant children in around 26 shelters across several states. They collaborate with the federal government and have garnered nearly $500 million in federal funds.

According to the Texas Tribune, Sanchez is a co-owner of a facility that Southwest Ley Programs is leasing. Sanchez gains from the property, which is paid for with federal funds. Sanchez stated that he had no ownership interest in any for-profit organizations with which Southwest Key Programs does business, but this turned out to be a lie. The property is leased for $400,000 a month, which is paid for by taxpayers.

Children are the most critical part of this country. We don’t deserve a free and wealthy society if we can’t protect the children.

According to, one Southwest Key Programs location was closed in 2018 due to staff abuse of children.

The next issue may frustrate you to the point of ruining your day, about parents in particular. Sanchez resigned after the separation of children from their families became more common in 2018. The children who were separated had incarcerated parents, but that wasn’t all.

Parents of unlawfully residing immigrant children are hesitant to bring their children to the United States to fear being deported. They’d instead abandon their children than face deportation. It throws into doubt the parents’ ability to be productive members of society and their right to remain in this country at all.

Federal authorities are also transporting families to hidden places near the border. Photographs from airports show agents and immigrant families holding envelopes with the words like, “Please help me, I do not speak English. What plane do I need to take? Thank you so much for helping.”

Lt. Co. Matthew Burrows sent a letter to his staff saying, “Over the next few days, weeks or months, you may see passenger aircraft on our ramp transporting undocumented non-citizens. Please review the attached public affairs guidance on the issue.”

His statement continued, “Do not take photographs and refrain from posting anything on social media.”

So, the military is involved in the cover-up of major illegal immigration trafficking, and you guessed it, the taxpayer is funding it.

Everything is still uncovered, but the notable thing is that since 2018, this information has not been made known.

When is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez going to pose for a photo in a parking lot to raise awareness? Perhaps never. AOC becomes extremely silent to mask her party’s tracks.

The Biden administration’s actions are undoubtedly impeachable. It is more than “Russian Collusion.” It is human trafficking across the country using taxpayer funds. It is not surprising that the media has been mainly quiet on these matters. When it comes to Democrats, they are correct, and everyone else is wrong.

Congress would never consider impeaching Biden. Those in the party are aware of the Southwest Key Program’s activities and are satisfied with the acts they have taken, or else they would have attempted to impeach Biden. Fortunately, a group of Republicans has launched an investigation, but just on Biden’s family’s business dealings. It is anticipated that this would be enough to force him out of office.