Biden Tells Americans He’s Not To Blame For Rising Gas Prices

Joe Biden has been doing his best lately to deflect any blame from his administration for the steadily climbing prices Americans are paying for gas. This week he told America that his climate change agenda is not at fault.

He spoke at a press appearance on Tuesday at the White House to announce that he is ordering the Department of Energy to open the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to release 50 million gallons of crude oil to the U.S. market.

According to Biden, this move is designed to relieve gas prices Americans are facing. The amount expected to be released will supply less than three days of America’s needs and does nothing to address the diminished domestic production of oil seen this year because of Biden’s executive actions.

Biden blamed increasing gas prices on domestic oil companies supporting his claim that energy policy coming from Washington has no effect. He said he wanted to address the “myth” that gas price inflation is due to “environmental measures.”

Biden went on to say that his “effort to combat climate change” is not increasing gas prices or decreasing the supply of gas to American consumers.

The average price of one gallon of gas has been up to $1.28 since this time last year and has increased 7.5 cents in the previous month. Biden’s critics have said that the rising gas prices must be considered in the context of his campaign promises to attack American fossil fuel producers.

Biden went on from discussing fuel prices to rising food costs as part of his address in advance of the Thanksgiving holiday this week. He admitted that families are worried about whether there will be enough affordable food over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season and whether parents will buy presents for their children.

Regarding these concerns, Biden said that “families can rest easy.”

He said that grocery stores are “well-stocked with turkey” and said that he had received confirmation from “major retailers” that their “shelves will be well-stocked in stores this holiday season.”

As supply chain issues persist and domestic energy production suffers, it remains to be seen how long the public will accept the administration’s reassurances that Americans can “rest easy.”